Sunday, September 27

Nutrition: I'm making kombucha! Following these directions. I also found a good recipe for oven fries, made using bacon-flavored olive oil. NOM. Made twice this weekend.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 9p-615a, 90% quality. Plus a semi-okay nap 145-315p.

Healthy Movement: Core feels exactly the same; why are you not better yet? Should I be icing? (James said not to bother) Should I take drugs? (no thank you) Should I give up on ever running again? (hopefully not but it sure feels like it) Is all of this falling apart a sign of...something needing to change? (I desperately wish I knew)

Managed an All The Lifts workout, trying some tweaks to back squats (good on ham!) and bench (sad times: felt hard) after finally finishing Starting Strength.

Fun & Play: Slightly better today, not so mopey. Managed to get many things done. Some early-morning time reading in the crisp sunshine. Decent lifting work.

Stress Management: If not for the Train & Stay, I'm feeling more accepting of the not-running. In theory, I could be okay with a focus on heavy lifting for a while. But to be forced to miss out on my favorite annual vacation, fuck, it hurts. And I truly can't go if I can't run, I know that I can't; I'll just be a giant pile of sadface, and that's not fair to anyone.

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