Sunday, September 13

Nutrition: Hunger balancing back to normal after being ravenous on Saturday.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 1145p-745a, 88% quality. I slept like a goddamn rock.

Healthy Movement: Woke up feeling fairly good, just tired. IT band wasn't even felt, I could drop into a squat & move easily. We all went on a hike, and the IT band flared up immediately. Bastard. Sitting in the car for 4 hours turned the shoulder crank. Rat bastard.

Fun & Play: Time alone on the lakeshore, trying to clear my brain and just listen to the waves. It worked for a while. Tiny little moments on the hike. Late lunch at the Duluth Grill, bestest restaurant evah. Home.

Temperance: I hate when these weekends end, even when they were painful. They are too good to leave, so impossible to walk away from. I hated seeing cornfields instead of mountains and trees and Lake Superior. I missed her & her rocks before they even left my view.

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