Monday, September 7

  • 1 Larabar

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 11p-645a, 68% quality. Solid, but not enough. In late due to the bonfire: worth it.

Healthy Movement: Tight calves outta bed, due to jump rope, but otherwise fine. Right core took a step backward. Left shoulder feels great. Left hamstring is significantly better. Was jonesing to do something, anything, so I did what felt smart, given Dustin tomorrow. Really felt like I could have done a lot more, but obviously I need to conserve & recover.

Fun & Play: Coffee on the deck with Hank & the barbell book. Food prep accomplished. Pets all brushed, mounds of fur flying in the yard. Superior list-making. Family time. More hours outdoors than in: perfection!

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