Friday, September 25

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Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 95% quality.

Healthy Movement: Feeling about the same. Saw James. He gave me new moves, said the endurance is the last thing to return, and reassured me it could be fixed. He then told me about a client who needs to have lumbar fusion, which sounds horrific. Said I should work on the given moves, plus stretch & massage, twice a day; probably can progress to single-leg by Tuesday; a few days of that, perhaps I can run a mile; a few days of that, perhaps I can run 2 miles, and so on.

Went back to NSS and told Mike I probably can't go on the T&S. I have 14 days to make progress, and even if it goes as swimmingly as James optimistically suggested, I MIGHT be up to 3 miles by the day we leave. Naturally Mike asked if I might still come along even if I can't run, and I haven't replied to that email, but it's because I would sure LIKE to say yes, I can still come and not be a whiny baby - but I know it will feel like torture to be there if I can't properly run, and I don't see any reason to push myself into a deep depression like that. It's already hard enough to keep my head up.

Fun & Play: A great day at NSS. I was legitimately said to have a weekend stretched out ahead of me. Only one great plan, and then a whole lot of time to feel sad about not running. I'd much rather work with my tribe. Lunched with HH & BL, chitchat & plotting a ROUS event. Followed along with Aaron E some, out on his 100-mile race out in Utah. Honestly, I can't get over the fact that this shit is even possible, though I've seen BK rock 4 of them now. ONE HUNDRED MILES. ON FOOT. It's mind-blowing. (And meanwhile I can't even run one mile. Snifffff.) Silent house, cool fall evening, loving pets, early bedtime.

Temperance: Lunching with a pair of besties, I felt like a Debbie Downer, sitting there being sad about not running. HATE that I become so thoroughly useless without my activity/ies. I can say that I didn't bawl to Dustin (I had the chance) or Mike, or to HH/BL, but I sure did go home and bawl to my pets. And then I had a guilt-induced shame party while thinking about MB, truly immobile as her body absorbs a brand new ankle. How thrilled would she be to have my physical troubles? So why am I so pathetic about it? And etc.

I'm the mostest funnest evah right now.

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