Wednesday, August 5

Nutrition: Struggling to get enough calories in again. I ate so much at lunch that I felt painfully stuffed (pork chop, 2 toast, buncha strawberries, CB cup), but was hungry again in only 3 hours. Somehow, despite my huge reliance on fat calories (yesterday I plugged a basic day into a calculator, and I was 49% fat calories!), my body acts like a carboholic's, in that I need food every 3 hours. This is actually rather annoying, and I'd prefer to be able to get back to three squares. But, given my high activity level, maybe that's not reasonable? Maybe I NEED the snack calories? The best calculator literally tells me 3000 calories. Sheesh.
  • Larabars: 2

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 67% quality. Woke 3a, dozed for a while, crazy dreams, dogs up early, gah.

Healthy Movement: Bit achey lower body, but better than yesterday morning felt. Run was slow & chatty, but it felt good, which is pretty damn excellent.

Fun & Play: Gorgeous morning, including mist in the low spots, golden sunshine, 3 deer, and 2 pheasants on my morning commute! Knocked out TWO chapters of my home-study. Only 4 & the test to go! I also scheduled a blood donation AND a haircut. That's massive progress for me in one lunch hour!

Temperance: This new life combined with extra running has left me feeling overly busy. I'm not depleting myself just yet, but I don't have much time to read for fun, to write, to hammock. Must make sure it doesn't get overburdened. I posted ONE blog item in July. One. I have so much more to say, why am I not making the time to say it?

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