Wednesday, August 19

Nutrition: I've been a bootch addict for a while now, damn near daily since Tahoe. Now trying to cold turkey it, and limit them to maybe weekends only - hey, maybe it will force me to make some. Gotta squeeze some indulgences outta the budget somewhere, and $3.19 apiece sure seems like a logical place to start.
  • Larabars: 2
  • lemon super cookies

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 98% quality. Not quite that amazing, but pretty great until Hanky's 5a prancing.

Healthy Movement: Still very tight lower legs, ankles, feet, when getting up in the morning, but movement loosens them up, and it's not PAIN, just tightness. Quads got super whiny by noon-ish; hello, front squats! Very tight & stuff, and heavy for the run. Upper body also got really tight, unusually so; what the heck?!

COOL BEANS: yesterday Dustin asked me about my August mileage, so I looked, and I'm already at 76 for the month, vs 80 in July, 94 in June, 83 last August, or 99 in August of '10, which is highest August evah. Hot diggity damn, gonna blow them ALL away!

Fun & Play: Hanky's early wakeup meant extra time for coffee + reading = happiness. Tax boss chitchat. BK chitchat. Sent the hubs to his payroll people to ask about a potential mistake - turns out it's probably correct, according to my Googling, but hubs went & asked the dude at the bank that we set it up with, and HE didn't know for sure, which did make me feel better. NSS chitchat. Finished a co-op tax return all by myself! (Took all effing day, though.) 8 deer sightings at LCSP, and numerous trees to clamber over. Hubs time. Silly pooches & snuggly kittehs.

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