Tuesday, August 4


  • Larabars: 1
  • the last of my smoked almonds, SADFACE

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 70% quality. Woke at 230a, fell back after a while.

Healthy Movement: Everything is achey from hips down, but nothing concerning. Session went as well as they've been going lately: nothing spectacular, watch that hamstring, bench is a tad weak, pulls stagnant. But, because I love me some Timmy + Dustin time, it was delightful! After work I ran my 5 uphills on Victoria, first of my "hill month" workouts.

Fun & Play: NSS day! Fun session. Wonderful meeting with the Chiefs, showing them the spreadsheet/forecast project I've been working on for two weeks. They were appropriately impressed, woo hoo! They gave me a bunch of number-tweaks to add in (as I wanted), were relieved they can move forward with their priority-spending plan, and that we can then use this S/S to look at a couple other scenarios they are considering. Showing my value-add immediately, yo!

After work was wake-surfing night. Unlike last year, I made sure everyone understood WHY I wasn't interested in the surfing, and no one tried cajoling me into it. It was super dee duper fun, except that we had to go in two groups (sad), and OH YEAH the part where Holea's shoulder popped out of socket; it went back in within a minute, but my girl was in PAIN during & then different pain afterward, and I felt terrible for her. Still do, because if there is one thing I've learned: injuries fucking SUCK. 

Other assorted fun: new NSS clothing, texting with HK, hubs chitchat, sunshine on my face.

Temperance: I did feel like a bit of a loser for leaving promptly after group one was delivered back to shore, and everyone went to eat (except Holea, who went home to ice), while group two headed out on the boat, and I was like, "Nope, ate before I came, and it's 7:45 so I gotta go home to bed." Those peeps are AT WORK when I get up, but dammit, I just can't do what they do. 8 hours or bust, and no outing is fun enough to chop that down to 7 or less. I just can't. AND THAT'S OKAY, SABRINA.

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