Thursday, August 20

Nutrition: Bought a bootch tonight, meaning to save it for tomorrow, but I downed it at supper. I gots no damned willpower! Downed an entire pizza at supper to restock carbs, and I didn't even want to, but I feel like hell, something has to work to fix this.
  • 2 Larabars
  • chocolate coconut crisps
  • bacon jerky 
  • an entire Daiya pizza (why I justified the bootch)

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 98% quality. I freaking wish! It was good, but not that blissful. I may be getting it too far under my pillow to feel the movements.

Healthy Movement: Ermahgerd, my lower legs are tight as hell in the morning. Like I can barely even walk over to let the dogs out. I miss the post-run wedge down in the Well at TS; I really need to get smarter about post-run stretching, because this is just redonk. Even after they loosed up, basically the entire rest of body hurt again today, tight and sore and awful. Somehow, session still went well; shoulder didn't hinder pull-ups (it felt rather decent today), and trapbar deadlifts got to go up a good amount, and my BeloveBuddy was there to play! Post-work, the dreaded hill visit went okay, but I obtained zero enjoyment from it. I now seriously regret that 20-mile goal. I'd have abandoned it on Tuesday if I weren't updating the NSS peeps at the weekly meeting...which, I guess, is the point, eh? DAMN THEM. Thoroughly looking forward to tomorrow's rest day.

Fun & Play: NSS productivity. Various little projects. BB chitchat, text silliness. BB in person! Session with Timmy & BB and all the fun. BK chitchat. Three little errands knocked out after hills, while still getting home at a decent hour. PIZZA. Goofy dog antics.

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