Sunday, August 9

  • Trav's
Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 11p-6a, 71% quality. In late due to fancypants supper. Complete energy tank mid-afternoon, once again napped 2 hours.

Healthy Movement: Sore on front of left ankle, outta nowhere; I don't think this is a past injury rearing up due to stress, but I can't say that for certain, as everything lower-body has probably been a problem at some point by now. Who knows. Rest it, see what happens. Left hamstring still tight, left shoulder rather crank. Nearly didn't lift at all, wanted to curl up in a ball & cry or sleep, anything but, yet I am an adult [with ambitious pull-up goals], and need to find ways to get through days like this, so I did what felt smart. Shoulder remained frustratingly crank all day. Very low energy all day.

Fun & Play: Second breakfast with awesome peeps at my favorite place. Happy dogs at the SIL's. Nap. Progress on my home study course. Hubs following the W2R plan. Camping plans.

Temperance: Yep, feeling the painful effects of too much socializing, not enough hibernating. Sucks. Hate being so delicate.

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