Sunday, August 30

  • sugary PWO French toast (SB, blueberries, honey, ice cream salt, swoooon)

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 1015p-6a, 87% quality. Solid, but woke around 530a & dozed. Very vivid dreams about giving a tour at the new NSS facility. It was impressive...if only!

Healthy Movement: Hip thing is significantly improved. Feel it up & down steps, and on the SL RDL in warm-up, but just Friday I couldn't even balance upright on my right foot without pain, so it's calming down, whatever it is. Probably still seeing James though. Managed a fairly solid lifting session, with a bit more ROM in the RDLs, which is a sign of the hamstring progressing. Left shoulder is a touch crank, and tight in the upper arm as well. Left big toe tendon seems fine again. Too GD many pain points to mention!

Fun & Play: Slow morning, reading on the deck with coffee in a cool mist. Successful lifting with a happier body. House purging: Pepe's clean trunk is full of Goodwill goodies, and I have less junk sitting around, hooray! Evening reading as well, with all chores knocked out. Decent amount of hubs time before he disappears this week (possibly) to work for like 3 months. Le sigh.

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