Sunday, August 2

  • super giant tons of fake-toast today: normal 2 with breakfast, SB&J toast for a snack, and FIVE slices of French toast for PWO lunch
  • pint AZ, just to finish off the weekend like an indulgence champ

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 81% quality. I'm sleeping a ton lately. Is this catching up, or is this why I feel awesome? Either way, it's working, I'll keep it up! Napped in afternoon (2-330p) just because I could, really; wasn't feeling too tired.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great. Felt strong as hell in my lifting workout, although left shoulder was off/on cranky, and hamstring as well. But I just felt GOOD, energized, strong, like I freaking damn well should. Even got some tire flips in, for the first time in a year, and DAMN are they satisfying! More, please. Even the hubs played with it.

Would really love to know why I feel so awesome this weekend. Eating a ton? Sleeping extra? Job stress truly dismissed? Finally recovered from Tahoe? ALL of this? How exactly do I keep this great thing going?

Fun & Play: Coffee on the deck, reading, enjoying the morning, for almost 2 hours. Chores knocked out, including hubs effort. Lifting, and with the hubs besides! Taco-sitting. Nap! Delicious supper prepared by a hubs who is TOTALLY sucking up to me or something, I dunno, but I like it. Email to sweet Shannon.

Temperance: Goals. After having a mental breakdown over the very idea of setting any, I think I have a couple for the month of August:
  • Personal: hills. I need to log some serious effort on uphills to be a good pacer at Superior. Thus, I've plotted out my August to include 20 miles on the Victoria hills. It's a tad ambitious, but it's not impossible by any means. After all, if I'm too tired on a Thursday, isn't there always Friday? Or the ability to simply hike them? Yes, yes there is. So, 20 miles on Victoria, that's my personal goal.
  • Professional: I'm within weeks of the renewal (or expiration) of my group fitness certification. Although I have no idea whether I need it or not, I already have the home-study course that will be enough credits to renew me, so I will. I need to get through 6 more chapters & the [online] test itself & pay for my renewal & mail all of this by August 19th. This is a bit of a challenge since I accomplish little during the week, and there are only two weekends in between: one of which is chock-full of social outings, and one of which includes a camping/running trip to Duluth. Oof. So, that's my professional goal.

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