Sunday, August 16

  • chews on run
  • Larabar
  • bag pork jerky
  • finished yesterday's bag of olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1000p-530a, 80% quality. Better behavior from the dogs, not jumping at every sound. But, we did have a 1a wake-up from Lexi and her stupidly annoying flap-flap-flap head shake every 13 seconds. Hubs got up and let both dogs out, then after a while they calmed back down.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling stiff & worried it might be a bad run, but movement felt great. The first mile felt a little rotten, but after that I felt pretty much amazing, and I probably could've gone longer, although I didn't really want to. Maybe it was just that it wasn't an intense pace, and/or also that I finished feeling a million times better than yesterday's final miles. The ride home tightened everything up rather painfully, but a nap made things better. No damage done, from what I can tell, which is a huge success!

Fun & Play: Trails again, with my besties again. Easier running. Successful navigation. Happy dogs. Hubs time. Coffee on the picnic table in the great outdoors. Home. Nap time. Happy cats. Most chores knocked out, to resume semi-normal life. Except...

Stress Management: Report for jury duty in the morning. OMFGAYS. Should be the last time, at least.

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