Saturday, August 8

Nutrition: Had dinner at a fancy-pants restaurant where I could easily specify all my "no" foods and trust they definitely had other ways to prepare & make awesome. And they did. I had a tenderloin that melted in my mouth like buttah. Happiness!
  • La Ferme (fajitas, amuse bouche)
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 85% quality. Argument with hubs just before bed left me sleeping like hell. I expected the quality reading to be maybe 60%. Got up tired. Managed a 2-hour nap after family reunion / before fancy dinner.

Healthy Movement: Had intended on a couple hours at LCSP, but rearranged my weekend schedule some in order to fix the hubs-argument, one piece of which mean chopping that mileage. Ran slow because it felt hard: stressed brain. Ended up nearly having a full-blown anxiety attack out there, so I shut down and walked back. Body felt okay rest of the day, but...crank left shoulder.

Fun & Play: Pretty morning in the woods. Family reunion. Rosenstock dinner with lovely people at a lovely place. Hubs time.

Temperance: The source of the argument & resulting anxiety attack all stem from my delicate-flowerness. Because I demand a lot of my not-hardy body, I have a high need for recovery, and I don't have the mental or physical energy to do things sometimes. Like family things that have been sprung on me a the last minute, not to be specific or anything, hint hint. I know that I need massive recovery, so I build my schedule around it, and a Sunday without leaving home is kind of vital to my week.

I over-booked myself this weekend already because I HAD to get all the Terri time I could, since it's only once per year TOPS that I can; so adding a family outing was going to throw me into a tailspin, so I was going to skip. AGAIN. Cue upset, hurt, etc, hubs. Cue me feeling defensive, hurt, guilty, then sorry for myself. Oh, and selfish, because if I just backed off on the physical, I would have more mental capacity. But if I did that, I would be an unhappy girl, too. LOSE LOSE.

Anyway. Things were fixed, kind of sort of.

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