Saturday, August 29

  • Entire bag of olive oil potato chips
  • Pork jerky
  • Pint AZ

Sleep: 9.75 hours in bed, 845p-630a, 94% quality. Whoa! Graph looks mostly solid, though I felt like I woke constantly. Dogs barked at 1030p (coyotes), and I woke just before 4a but fell back, and that's IT says the graph. Not the body's assessment.

Healthy Movement: Hip/core is slightly better, less sharp; still there on most steps, but not all. Can't isolate what the fuck tendon or muscle this is, either. So, top to bottom: left shoulder still sometimes crank; right core/upper hip seriously inflamed; left hamstring tear (?) still healing; left big toe tendon acting achey. It would have been a beautiful morning for a long run, fall weather in August. Sad times. Frustrating times.

Total rest day again. After the full morning spent sitting, I cleaned Pepe's thickly gravel-dusted innards, which involved a lot of convoluted positioning, most of which I could manage without angering the core, but sometimes I was flinching. After that I raked, which again sometimes angered the core depending on how I was twisted as I walked, but I could squat to pick up the grass clippings without feeling it. I figured that doing all of this on a crap night of sleep, no nap, hungry & thirsty, mentally tanked, was all good pacer training at least!

I do think I'll be able to lift tomorrow, there is that. Most things should be cool. A hip hinge is out unless it improves dramatically by then. Pretty sure I'll be calling James Monday morning, and worst case is probably that I won't run until pacing duties, which would be stellar healing time, sure, but definitely not cool for my mental state. But worrying now fixes nothing, so avoid the things that aggravate and do what doesn't. Not even stretching it now, not while any stretch is still so very painful.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Loooots of reading done while Pepe got fixed. A dose of time outside reading before the sun made it too hot. Accomplished a couple of big tasks on my to do list, and now I have a clean car and a slimmer closet to enjoy! Hubs time. Pet time. Bonfire time.

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