Saturday, August 22

Nutrition: OMFGAYS?! I found cheezecake, and it tastes exactly like real & proper cheesecake should! BE STILL MY HEART.
  • 2 Larabars
  • restaurant buffet food, thus slightly sketchy (roasted chicken, baby carrots, green beans - tasted plain, though)
  • cheezecake (only 25%, such impressive restraint!)

The fine folks at Daiya are intent on making me fat. I love them dearly.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 86% quality. Wide awake at 11p, no hubs, got up to shut garage door, drink some water, hit bathroom; ages to fall back, and felt like I woke constantly after that. Hot, tossing, turning, yuck. But the graph looks good, and I did get up feeling good, so who knows. In prep for a night run, enjoyed a nap 445-630p.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling quite good; though lower legs were still tight getting up, they weren't painful like they have been. My run at SJU was delightful, easy, felt like I could have ran all day long. Decided that going short with GP meant I should squeeze in a night run, so I was okay ending it there. Did a bunch of shopping, thus a lot of driving, which angered left shoulder a touch, despite using the pool noodle. My night run partner was the HUSBAND who was up for an 8/2 run/walk combo, so out we went at 9p. He did fantastically, except that at our first walk break, he confessed he felt like he was about to puke. And that didn't go away when we tried running again after the walk break. So, we cut it short and walked it out, though we ran the last few minutes, at HIS suggestion.

Fun & Play: SJU glory. Catching up with Greg. Cool weather. Successful shopping: birthday gifts for both parents, sports bras that won't give me a white skunk stripe, tanks & tees for layering under NSS gear, and gray yoga pants from Lulu (still $tupidly $pendy at half-price) that are actually WORK PANTS because I am living the dream, my friends. Lunch with the hubs, who was also shopping in STC (for dude stuff like a pole saw). Nap time. Clingy sweet Clyde cat. Hubs time. Running trailz with the hubs: I don't understand what is happening here, but I love it! Cheezecake!

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