Saturday, August 15

  • chews during run
  • cran-blueberry crunch post-run
  • some olive oil potato chips (not the entire bag, yay me!)

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 945p-515a, 82% quality. Way worse. The dogs kept jumping & barking at every little noise, more Lexi than Hank, but he was easily excited to run to the other end of the tiny camper & back each time. Tossed & turned a lot, but got up feeling okay. Napped post-run, 130-330p, kinda sorta; same canine-based interruptions as the night.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling pretty awesome. Logged 13 fantastic miles on the trails with Heidi & Brett. No issues with hamstring, although I could occasionally feel it on an uphill. I did have a very strange moment while scaling Ely's Peak, where I got dizzy, light-headed, & hazy. I sat on a rock and waited it out. Then I moved to the dirt because it wasn't getting any better, and then my heart rate shot up. UGH. After about 10 minutes, I moved back up to the rock and started to feel better, little by little. Thankfully, it passed, and we continued, and that was the last of it. But, very odd. Makes me think of Amy & how that is a somewhat-regular issue for her. Anyway, the singletrack was awesome and I walked when it got hard or sketchy, and everyone felt wonderful. Our last 3 miles were flat & fast & felt horrendous, just wanted to be done and dive into a cooler of ice water, we were so hot and all out of water. Rest of the day I stiffened up as expected, but wasn't so bad.

Fun & Play: Run. Glorious views. Reunited with my beloved SHT. Taking my besties on new trails. Nap time. Hubs time. Took the dogs to Canal Park, where they were overstimulated by the people, the other dogs, and the BIRDS, poor tortured Hankypank. We ran into the Larson family and watched a big ship go through with them. Then we trotted back toward our truck, sat on a bench, and let the dogs chill and calm their shit a little bit. That was probably the best part of the outing! Found a dog park, really nice one, and Hank was able to run free and Lexi got some fetch, and then we returned to the camper with good, tired pooches. Loveliness.

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