Monday, August 17

Nutrition: Had to pack/plan for both jury duty & DBB today, since jury duty is frustratingly full of unknowns. So, I packed no lunch at all, not wanting something to melt in my car if I were chosen. Instead, I lunched via groceries at Elden's: chips, bootch, hot dogs, veg & guac. Didn't end up eating the veg & guac, but at least the leftovers will sustain me for a few meals, nicely so!
  • Larabars: 1
  • olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 92% quality. When I woke at 3a & 5a, I reacted as though I were still in the camper, searching for my phone on the wrong side of the pillow!

Healthy Movement: Very stiff & tight lower legs upon rising, better with movement. Shoulder is better, though not normal. Felt about the same as I always do lately, which is not to say "good," but definitely not any worse off after the big weekend o' trail miles. YES! I think the key is the low intensity, walking up hills & through any super technical stuff. My body loves it that way, it seems, and my brain can definitely get behind that.

Headed out to LCSP with a plan to double all the hills, but ended up with a running buddy who could barely tolerate walking up the hills (stopped his Garmin each time!) so I nixed that and just ran fast / at his slow-as-molasses pace. The body surprised me, feeling good & still showing no lingering effects after the weekend's big miles. SAH-WEET!

Fun & Play: Able to hang out & read & down coffee & update spreadsheets in the morning, since the reporting time for jury duty is almost 2 hours after I would've left for work. Clyde & Oscar got bonus snuggle time, assuaging some of my guilt after abandoning them for the weekend. Jury duty meant spending almost an hour chitchatting with Amanda, which was pretty darn awesome. AND I wasn't picked, thus free to go to work and make actual dinero, woo hoo!

And once there, boss man helped me finish a co-op tax return, and it became more clear that they really are a run-around PITA until you get the right numbers working out. So, it made me feel less dumb, but also a bit hopeless that they will ever freaking make sense.

Trails & a happy body on them. Chitchat with someone I haven't seen in ages. Meeting a new running buddy-to-be. Happy Hankypank silliness. Sweet Lexi. Hubs time.

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