Monday, August 10

  • Larabars:2
  • stupendous smoked almonds

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 81% quality. Took ages to fall asleep, probably due to late nap, plus a stupid jerk of a cat; woke at 130a to stupid jerk of a dog; 4a & 5a due to stupid cat again. Got up pretty much hating the world. Energy stayed low most of the day.

Healthy Movement: Still a slight pain on front of left ankle, so no running today. Sad, because trails, but glad, because I am TARRED. Shoulder is slightly better than yesterday, but I did have to drive with the pool noodle tucked against my back to be comfy. Hamstring feels improved, but I did nothing that would've tested it.

Fun & Play: Knocked out dad's Bookwork. NSS on a day that I wasn't supposed to be, and happy reactions! Chitchat on the weekend's trail adventure; campground booked by the hubs. Fetch. Hubs chitchat.

Stress Management: The weekend was not bucket-filling, thanks to the Friday night argument/Saturday morning breakdown. Add a crap night of sleep. Add a morning at DBB where I reworked a return TWICE, getting frustrated with my stupidity, ugh. Then once again I'd gotten myself back to waiting for help on the co-op returns, but it was 10am and I was still waiting for someone who could help me. Sometimes they work really late at night and come in really late, so whatevs, I decided to take an early lunch (I was hangry) and work on my home-study course.

Halfway through that, I learned that all three knowledgeable folks were on vacation, and the two others who might been able to scrounge up something I could work on had called in sick. OMGAYS. So what the fuck was I supposed to do? I finished my home-study course & took the test, and passed with 34/35 right. Then I left, having done a mere 2.7 hours of work. What the fuuuuck. I hit Dad's shop over his lunch hour to get him finished, then went home to grab my NSS stuff, and worked there. Success! Finally things accomplished!

BUT. Now I have to somehow take the 4 hours I worked at NSS and leave early or come in late to go work at DBB, because I am salaried at NSS and hourly at DBB, so I can't not make up those hours. It all worked fine, and I know that it will be fine, but all of this was super-dee-duper frustrating on a day that I was crank & tired to begin with. UGH to this entire day, basically.

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