Friday, August 28

Nutrition: Quite curious whether the sugar-laden snacks in the past week are causing inflammation. Something most definitely is.
  • 1 Larabar
  • Trav's

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 77% quality. Most solid, except every time I rolled over, the hip gave a shout of pain, which woke me up in full. Wide awake at 4a, dozed in/out.

Healthy Movement: This right hip/core thing, holy fuck it's sensitive. I struggled to find a way to walk without it hurting; super upright, chest out, MK-style, seemed to do the trick, most of the time. Also at home, after lying nearly flat & reading, it wasn't so sharp. I blame the sugary, delicious cheezecake. Doesn't it just make sense that something that made me so temporarily happy would be so punishing in the long run? Also, I blame hills. Fuck those motherfucking hills.

Also my left foot hurts a little (that's a 5-year-old injury whining). The left shoulder is fair, but all upper-body muscles are rather sore & tight; not a bad way, but not a "I worked hard enough to cause this" way, either. Hence the curiosity if I can blame sugar.

Fun & Play: Fantastic productivity at NSS. Lunch with Timmy & Mac: fun to catch up with Lisa, hilarious to see Mac claim me as her buddy - but so grateful that Mac is not MY handful to hold. She's super hyper these days. Chitchat with Paige, feeling better about the recent bomb dropped. Quiet time at home.

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