Monday, August 31

  • Larabars: 1
  • Numerous smoked almonds

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 76% quality. Felt much better; woke around 445a & dozed there onward, but don't recall any other wake-ups.

Healthy Movement: Hip is about where it was yesterday. Crap! Was really hoping it would have taken another giant leap forward. Hurt more after prolonged sitting unless I was stretched out, like in a recliner. Can't get in to see James until Friday. Mutha. Fuck. Also some tightness in both upper arms, rather weird.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning. Productivity at DBB. BK chitchat on Superior logistics. Lots of reading (one has SO much more time for it when not running). Devoted pets. 

Temperance: I instigated the BK chat to give him a heads-up on the hip; should he hear or see that I'm not running, I don't want him to freak out. But he breezed right by it. None of my DMers have shown any concern. There was no Dustin to cry to on Friday. I avoided a breakdown with the hubs. It's feeling weird not to whine & gnash about I; I do crave some sympathy and reassurance. And yet, wise me knows that it's just one more stupid hash mark in the injury tally that will likely never stop until I do, so I am trying to focus on the big picture and see this for the tiny blip it is. Trying to find some resilience to carry me through. It's not easy. And with the hubs now commencing his statewide tour of manure pits, I'm a little worried about my ability to keep my shit together, not get crushed under a narrow perspective. 

Sunday, August 30

  • sugary PWO French toast (SB, blueberries, honey, ice cream salt, swoooon)

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 1015p-6a, 87% quality. Solid, but woke around 530a & dozed. Very vivid dreams about giving a tour at the new NSS facility. It was impressive...if only!

Healthy Movement: Hip thing is significantly improved. Feel it up & down steps, and on the SL RDL in warm-up, but just Friday I couldn't even balance upright on my right foot without pain, so it's calming down, whatever it is. Probably still seeing James though. Managed a fairly solid lifting session, with a bit more ROM in the RDLs, which is a sign of the hamstring progressing. Left shoulder is a touch crank, and tight in the upper arm as well. Left big toe tendon seems fine again. Too GD many pain points to mention!

Fun & Play: Slow morning, reading on the deck with coffee in a cool mist. Successful lifting with a happier body. House purging: Pepe's clean trunk is full of Goodwill goodies, and I have less junk sitting around, hooray! Evening reading as well, with all chores knocked out. Decent amount of hubs time before he disappears this week (possibly) to work for like 3 months. Le sigh.

Saturday, August 29

  • Entire bag of olive oil potato chips
  • Pork jerky
  • Pint AZ

Sleep: 9.75 hours in bed, 845p-630a, 94% quality. Whoa! Graph looks mostly solid, though I felt like I woke constantly. Dogs barked at 1030p (coyotes), and I woke just before 4a but fell back, and that's IT says the graph. Not the body's assessment.

Healthy Movement: Hip/core is slightly better, less sharp; still there on most steps, but not all. Can't isolate what the fuck tendon or muscle this is, either. So, top to bottom: left shoulder still sometimes crank; right core/upper hip seriously inflamed; left hamstring tear (?) still healing; left big toe tendon acting achey. It would have been a beautiful morning for a long run, fall weather in August. Sad times. Frustrating times.

Total rest day again. After the full morning spent sitting, I cleaned Pepe's thickly gravel-dusted innards, which involved a lot of convoluted positioning, most of which I could manage without angering the core, but sometimes I was flinching. After that I raked, which again sometimes angered the core depending on how I was twisted as I walked, but I could squat to pick up the grass clippings without feeling it. I figured that doing all of this on a crap night of sleep, no nap, hungry & thirsty, mentally tanked, was all good pacer training at least!

I do think I'll be able to lift tomorrow, there is that. Most things should be cool. A hip hinge is out unless it improves dramatically by then. Pretty sure I'll be calling James Monday morning, and worst case is probably that I won't run until pacing duties, which would be stellar healing time, sure, but definitely not cool for my mental state. But worrying now fixes nothing, so avoid the things that aggravate and do what doesn't. Not even stretching it now, not while any stretch is still so very painful.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Loooots of reading done while Pepe got fixed. A dose of time outside reading before the sun made it too hot. Accomplished a couple of big tasks on my to do list, and now I have a clean car and a slimmer closet to enjoy! Hubs time. Pet time. Bonfire time.

Friday, August 28

Nutrition: Quite curious whether the sugar-laden snacks in the past week are causing inflammation. Something most definitely is.
  • 1 Larabar
  • Trav's

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 77% quality. Most solid, except every time I rolled over, the hip gave a shout of pain, which woke me up in full. Wide awake at 4a, dozed in/out.

Healthy Movement: This right hip/core thing, holy fuck it's sensitive. I struggled to find a way to walk without it hurting; super upright, chest out, MK-style, seemed to do the trick, most of the time. Also at home, after lying nearly flat & reading, it wasn't so sharp. I blame the sugary, delicious cheezecake. Doesn't it just make sense that something that made me so temporarily happy would be so punishing in the long run? Also, I blame hills. Fuck those motherfucking hills.

Also my left foot hurts a little (that's a 5-year-old injury whining). The left shoulder is fair, but all upper-body muscles are rather sore & tight; not a bad way, but not a "I worked hard enough to cause this" way, either. Hence the curiosity if I can blame sugar.

Fun & Play: Fantastic productivity at NSS. Lunch with Timmy & Mac: fun to catch up with Lisa, hilarious to see Mac claim me as her buddy - but so grateful that Mac is not MY handful to hold. She's super hyper these days. Chitchat with Paige, feeling better about the recent bomb dropped. Quiet time at home.

Thursday, August 27


  • 2 Larabars
  • half cheezecake

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 94% quailty. SOLID.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling better than I have been. Movement in session was significantly better than Tuesday. Hooray! Went to Andes to cruise with BK & DQ, but that tight right core turned into serious pain. Bad. Wincing. Freaking. Stretching did not offer a relief, but more pain. This is the same area I had problems last year (but right, not left), but that came on slowly and never felt this sharp. Worrisome.

Fun & Play: Gave Dustin his thank-you gift, and he loved it. Received unhappy NSS news, but my input was requested, which made me feel valued; I appreciate that so very much. I like being useful! Had some silliness there at the end of the day. Before the core/hip got so crank, I was enjoying the technical challenge of Andes. Pets desperately in love with me. Hubs time.

Wednesday, August 26

  • Larabars: 1
  • piece of cheezecake for mama's birthday
  • lunch at truck stop (sketchy prep ingredients)

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 89% quality. Solid.

Healthy Movement: A bit stiff getting up, but better than I have been. Still, I decided to nix the evening hill, which I'd have crammed in after DBB & before the NSS event, creating some stressful logistics regarding my veggie tray, so fuck it, take a full rest day. I'll get those last GD hills done later. 

Fun & Play: 6 years of Dustin. Productivity at DBB. Lunch with the parents. Evening with my #NSSfamily!

Tuesday, August 25

  • 2 Larabars
  • bag olive oil potato chips
  • lotta smoked almonds

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 91% quality. Been getting a LOT of good, solid, quality sleep lately, but still I need the alarm to fully wake me. Gah, why?

Healthy Movement: Tight right core again in the AM, better by mid-day. Body felt okay, nothing new going on, but the session felt pretty crappy. Like everything was hard and the neurons just weren't firing like they should. By 3p, I decided to bail on Andes and take some bonus rest. BK had company today, so I didn't feel too bad ditching him. And I'd rather be feeling better for our Thursday outing and then my weekend, instead of running myself into the ground now and dragging ass for three days. Trying not to feel super frustrated, but I am. (Hence the entire bag of chips on the drive home from the grocery store: maybe calories can fix this!)

Fun & Play: NSS. Buddy time. Instead of miles, I went home and hammocked with a book, and I may have even fallen asleep for a while there. Beyond lovely. Hubs time. Pet time.

Monday, August 24

Nutrition: Once again, I managed not to eat cheezecake for breakfast. Go me! However, I did have to eat all of the remaining cheezecake, as the box specified to consume within 48 hours. Ain't no deprived cheesecake-loving fool like me going to let it go to waste!
  • 2 Larabars
  • entire bag of Dang coconut chips (lotta sugar, crap!)
  • half a cheezecake (lotta sugar, crap!)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 79% quality. Wide awake about 345a, but fell back, thankfully.

Healthy Movement: Front of left ankle gave some twinges again this morning, what the hell is that about? Left shoulder about the same as yesterday, a bit perturbed, but not like it got last week. Right core was better. Body got overall stiff while standing at DBB, I clearly don't move around enough there. Hills sucked, due to a poor mental state.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning. Crisp fall chill, in AUGUST! Super productive day at DBB, including a welcome dose of rather mindless data entry. BK, DQ, HH chitchat. Silly pets.

Sunday, August 23

Nutrition: I managed to not eat cheezecake for breakfast, although I was sorely tempted, lemme tellya. I certainly ate it pre-lifting, though! The hubs made smoked almonds - same delish flavor as Greg's, but they weren't as crunchy - maybe not the right raw almonds. We'll keep trying!
  • cheezecake

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 1145p-615a, 64% quality. In late due to night run & late shower. Hanky let me sleep in nearly an extra hour, so that helped, but nap time was a necessity FO SHO: 1245-230p, mostly solid, with the kittehs.

Healthy Movement: Tight lower legs, right more so than left, but a touch better than they were most of last week. Left shoulder better than yesterday, but worse than Friday. Right core is now tight like the left one plagued me a year ago - what the hell? Lifting went okay, better than I expected when the warm-up felt like garbage. Managed to find a shortened-ROM that let me RDL without hamstring anger, and thus feel like I was actually accomplishing something for the backside. Here we glu-utes, here we go!

Fun & Play: Lazy morning. Chores knocked out. Lifting. Cheezecake. SB&J French toast. Nap time. Cooking with the hubs. Cool, pleasant weather. BK chitchat that included TWO invites to Andes this week! Hip, hip, hooray!

Saturday, August 22

Nutrition: OMFGAYS?! I found cheezecake, and it tastes exactly like real & proper cheesecake should! BE STILL MY HEART.
  • 2 Larabars
  • restaurant buffet food, thus slightly sketchy (roasted chicken, baby carrots, green beans - tasted plain, though)
  • cheezecake (only 25%, such impressive restraint!)

The fine folks at Daiya are intent on making me fat. I love them dearly.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 86% quality. Wide awake at 11p, no hubs, got up to shut garage door, drink some water, hit bathroom; ages to fall back, and felt like I woke constantly after that. Hot, tossing, turning, yuck. But the graph looks good, and I did get up feeling good, so who knows. In prep for a night run, enjoyed a nap 445-630p.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling quite good; though lower legs were still tight getting up, they weren't painful like they have been. My run at SJU was delightful, easy, felt like I could have ran all day long. Decided that going short with GP meant I should squeeze in a night run, so I was okay ending it there. Did a bunch of shopping, thus a lot of driving, which angered left shoulder a touch, despite using the pool noodle. My night run partner was the HUSBAND who was up for an 8/2 run/walk combo, so out we went at 9p. He did fantastically, except that at our first walk break, he confessed he felt like he was about to puke. And that didn't go away when we tried running again after the walk break. So, we cut it short and walked it out, though we ran the last few minutes, at HIS suggestion.

Fun & Play: SJU glory. Catching up with Greg. Cool weather. Successful shopping: birthday gifts for both parents, sports bras that won't give me a white skunk stripe, tanks & tees for layering under NSS gear, and gray yoga pants from Lulu (still $tupidly $pendy at half-price) that are actually WORK PANTS because I am living the dream, my friends. Lunch with the hubs, who was also shopping in STC (for dude stuff like a pole saw). Nap time. Clingy sweet Clyde cat. Hubs time. Running trailz with the hubs: I don't understand what is happening here, but I love it! Cheezecake!

Friday, August 21

Nutrition: Last night's pizza seems to have helped the body so much, why not add an entire bag of chips for even more carbs?!
  • 2 Larabars
  • Bag olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 75% quality. Solid until 4a.

Healthy Movement: Body feels significantly better: lower legs still aching outta bed, but great rest of day; quads & glutes fine; left shoulder fine! Did still have tightness in upper right arm; elbows probably would've whined over pull-ups, so good thing I changed my strategy after they whined last week (3 session/week, 215 pulls/week - so no slacking on Sundays, yo). Despite feeling better, I was very glad to have a rest day. 

Fun & Play: A fabulous day at NSS, as per usual. So so so so happy I'm there. SO HAPPY I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU, for real. The. best. Fun coffee date plotting an LAPW outing in October, catching up with an old friend. Hubs time. Bills paid. Snuggly pets.

Thursday, August 20

Nutrition: Bought a bootch tonight, meaning to save it for tomorrow, but I downed it at supper. I gots no damned willpower! Downed an entire pizza at supper to restock carbs, and I didn't even want to, but I feel like hell, something has to work to fix this.
  • 2 Larabars
  • chocolate coconut crisps
  • bacon jerky 
  • an entire Daiya pizza (why I justified the bootch)

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 98% quality. I freaking wish! It was good, but not that blissful. I may be getting it too far under my pillow to feel the movements.

Healthy Movement: Ermahgerd, my lower legs are tight as hell in the morning. Like I can barely even walk over to let the dogs out. I miss the post-run wedge down in the Well at TS; I really need to get smarter about post-run stretching, because this is just redonk. Even after they loosed up, basically the entire rest of body hurt again today, tight and sore and awful. Somehow, session still went well; shoulder didn't hinder pull-ups (it felt rather decent today), and trapbar deadlifts got to go up a good amount, and my BeloveBuddy was there to play! Post-work, the dreaded hill visit went okay, but I obtained zero enjoyment from it. I now seriously regret that 20-mile goal. I'd have abandoned it on Tuesday if I weren't updating the NSS peeps at the weekly meeting...which, I guess, is the point, eh? DAMN THEM. Thoroughly looking forward to tomorrow's rest day.

Fun & Play: NSS productivity. Various little projects. BB chitchat, text silliness. BB in person! Session with Timmy & BB and all the fun. BK chitchat. Three little errands knocked out after hills, while still getting home at a decent hour. PIZZA. Goofy dog antics.

Wednesday, August 19

Nutrition: I've been a bootch addict for a while now, damn near daily since Tahoe. Now trying to cold turkey it, and limit them to maybe weekends only - hey, maybe it will force me to make some. Gotta squeeze some indulgences outta the budget somewhere, and $3.19 apiece sure seems like a logical place to start.
  • Larabars: 2
  • lemon super cookies

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 98% quality. Not quite that amazing, but pretty great until Hanky's 5a prancing.

Healthy Movement: Still very tight lower legs, ankles, feet, when getting up in the morning, but movement loosens them up, and it's not PAIN, just tightness. Quads got super whiny by noon-ish; hello, front squats! Very tight & stuff, and heavy for the run. Upper body also got really tight, unusually so; what the heck?!

COOL BEANS: yesterday Dustin asked me about my August mileage, so I looked, and I'm already at 76 for the month, vs 80 in July, 94 in June, 83 last August, or 99 in August of '10, which is highest August evah. Hot diggity damn, gonna blow them ALL away!

Fun & Play: Hanky's early wakeup meant extra time for coffee + reading = happiness. Tax boss chitchat. BK chitchat. Sent the hubs to his payroll people to ask about a potential mistake - turns out it's probably correct, according to my Googling, but hubs went & asked the dude at the bank that we set it up with, and HE didn't know for sure, which did make me feel better. NSS chitchat. Finished a co-op tax return all by myself! (Took all effing day, though.) 8 deer sightings at LCSP, and numerous trees to clamber over. Hubs time. Silly pooches & snuggly kittehs.

Tuesday, August 18

  • 2 Larabars
  • olive oil chips
  • rice crackers
  • cran-blueberry crunch

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 66% quality. Not that bad, I thought it was pretty decent other than a 230a wakeup, from which I fell back after 15 minutes, tops.

Healthy Movement: Achey lower legs straight out of bed, good with movement. Shoulder still a bit crank; been working the first rib area but keep forgetting the stretching aspect, like a fool. Session was good, though lifts felt difficult; switched to front squats to reduce the hamstring load. Hill workout was similarly tough; here it was the lungs that were seriously struggling but the legs were surprisingly decent.

Fun & Play: NSS day! Session with Timmy. Cool weather. Silly pooches. Fleece top and slippers. Hubs time. BB chitchat.

Monday, August 17

Nutrition: Had to pack/plan for both jury duty & DBB today, since jury duty is frustratingly full of unknowns. So, I packed no lunch at all, not wanting something to melt in my car if I were chosen. Instead, I lunched via groceries at Elden's: chips, bootch, hot dogs, veg & guac. Didn't end up eating the veg & guac, but at least the leftovers will sustain me for a few meals, nicely so!
  • Larabars: 1
  • olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 92% quality. When I woke at 3a & 5a, I reacted as though I were still in the camper, searching for my phone on the wrong side of the pillow!

Healthy Movement: Very stiff & tight lower legs upon rising, better with movement. Shoulder is better, though not normal. Felt about the same as I always do lately, which is not to say "good," but definitely not any worse off after the big weekend o' trail miles. YES! I think the key is the low intensity, walking up hills & through any super technical stuff. My body loves it that way, it seems, and my brain can definitely get behind that.

Headed out to LCSP with a plan to double all the hills, but ended up with a running buddy who could barely tolerate walking up the hills (stopped his Garmin each time!) so I nixed that and just ran fast / at his slow-as-molasses pace. The body surprised me, feeling good & still showing no lingering effects after the weekend's big miles. SAH-WEET!

Fun & Play: Able to hang out & read & down coffee & update spreadsheets in the morning, since the reporting time for jury duty is almost 2 hours after I would've left for work. Clyde & Oscar got bonus snuggle time, assuaging some of my guilt after abandoning them for the weekend. Jury duty meant spending almost an hour chitchatting with Amanda, which was pretty darn awesome. AND I wasn't picked, thus free to go to work and make actual dinero, woo hoo!

And once there, boss man helped me finish a co-op tax return, and it became more clear that they really are a run-around PITA until you get the right numbers working out. So, it made me feel less dumb, but also a bit hopeless that they will ever freaking make sense.

Trails & a happy body on them. Chitchat with someone I haven't seen in ages. Meeting a new running buddy-to-be. Happy Hankypank silliness. Sweet Lexi. Hubs time.

Sunday, August 16

  • chews on run
  • Larabar
  • bag pork jerky
  • finished yesterday's bag of olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1000p-530a, 80% quality. Better behavior from the dogs, not jumping at every sound. But, we did have a 1a wake-up from Lexi and her stupidly annoying flap-flap-flap head shake every 13 seconds. Hubs got up and let both dogs out, then after a while they calmed back down.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling stiff & worried it might be a bad run, but movement felt great. The first mile felt a little rotten, but after that I felt pretty much amazing, and I probably could've gone longer, although I didn't really want to. Maybe it was just that it wasn't an intense pace, and/or also that I finished feeling a million times better than yesterday's final miles. The ride home tightened everything up rather painfully, but a nap made things better. No damage done, from what I can tell, which is a huge success!

Fun & Play: Trails again, with my besties again. Easier running. Successful navigation. Happy dogs. Hubs time. Coffee on the picnic table in the great outdoors. Home. Nap time. Happy cats. Most chores knocked out, to resume semi-normal life. Except...

Stress Management: Report for jury duty in the morning. OMFGAYS. Should be the last time, at least.

Saturday, August 15

  • chews during run
  • cran-blueberry crunch post-run
  • some olive oil potato chips (not the entire bag, yay me!)

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 945p-515a, 82% quality. Way worse. The dogs kept jumping & barking at every little noise, more Lexi than Hank, but he was easily excited to run to the other end of the tiny camper & back each time. Tossed & turned a lot, but got up feeling okay. Napped post-run, 130-330p, kinda sorta; same canine-based interruptions as the night.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling pretty awesome. Logged 13 fantastic miles on the trails with Heidi & Brett. No issues with hamstring, although I could occasionally feel it on an uphill. I did have a very strange moment while scaling Ely's Peak, where I got dizzy, light-headed, & hazy. I sat on a rock and waited it out. Then I moved to the dirt because it wasn't getting any better, and then my heart rate shot up. UGH. After about 10 minutes, I moved back up to the rock and started to feel better, little by little. Thankfully, it passed, and we continued, and that was the last of it. But, very odd. Makes me think of Amy & how that is a somewhat-regular issue for her. Anyway, the singletrack was awesome and I walked when it got hard or sketchy, and everyone felt wonderful. Our last 3 miles were flat & fast & felt horrendous, just wanted to be done and dive into a cooler of ice water, we were so hot and all out of water. Rest of the day I stiffened up as expected, but wasn't so bad.

Fun & Play: Run. Glorious views. Reunited with my beloved SHT. Taking my besties on new trails. Nap time. Hubs time. Took the dogs to Canal Park, where they were overstimulated by the people, the other dogs, and the BIRDS, poor tortured Hankypank. We ran into the Larson family and watched a big ship go through with them. Then we trotted back toward our truck, sat on a bench, and let the dogs chill and calm their shit a little bit. That was probably the best part of the outing! Found a dog park, really nice one, and Hank was able to run free and Lexi got some fetch, and then we returned to the camper with good, tired pooches. Loveliness.

Friday, August 14

  • Larabars:
  • smoked almonds
  • rice crackers
  • olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 80% quality. Felt solid as hell; woke a few times but always back immediately.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling decent getting out of bed; legs improved. BUT hamstring took a small step backward, thanks to the deadlifts I suppose. Shoulder required some manipulating to be happy. Did some pulls at NSS and they felt rather awful, everything sore from the prior day. Damn. Drive up to Duluth gave me fat feet.

Fun & Play: An incredibly gorgeous sunrise. A half-day at DBB and a half-day at NSS. Camping trip commenced! Long drive but a nice campground. Dogs semi-behaved. Hubs time.

Thursday, August 13

  • 1 Larabar
  • Pint AZ

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 87% quality. Solid, but somehow still not quite enough.

Healthy Movement: Stiff & sore lower legs out of bed, decided for me that I should skip hills tonight. For some reason I still packed the gear, just in case, and that worked well because Timmy forgot her workout clothes at home, so I had an outfit for her! Saved the day like a superhero! My session was fan-fucking-tastic: TWENTY-FIVE RING PULL-UPS. And I'm telling you, it could've been 26, that's how great they were feeling. But my plan is to keep it at 25 (unless I can't of course) andinstead boost the reps on the following sets. Because what if I could do 25x4, like HOLY SHIT what if I could?!

Fun & Play: A fantabulous day at NSS; seriously wonderful. Productive, fun, times. SO HAPPY to be there. Great evening packing up camping things. Little nervous we won't get moving on time tomorrow, as hubs was all tied up with a project that could've waited until AFTER our weekend, but whatevs, we'll make it work. Interesting to see how clearly Hanky knows we are planning to leave, and how upset he is, and very fun imagine how DELIGHTED he'll be when he realizes he's coming with. How can such a dumb & foolish dog also be so damned smart at the same time?

Wednesday, August 12

Nutrition: Hot dogs have < 2% corn syrup solids.
  • Larabars: 2
  • rice crackers
  • amazing smoked almonds (and lots of 'em!)

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 77% quality. Better than that; woke at 4a & fell back, 5a & dozed.

Healthy Movement: Still stiff getting out of bed. Shoulder is better; really seems like the rib got pulled out of place again and I was able to push it back down (on Monday), which seems odd to do, but that's exactly what James was doing, so I just saved myself some dinero! Legs got heavy standing at tax firm all day with little movement and no breaks (worked through lunch to make up for Monday). Trails with Heidi were lovely. Legs a bit heavy, but they came around. Ham stayed on the tight side but still seems a bit improved.

Fun & Play: Finally had the boss man around to get me moving again at DBB. I feel like a productive member of society again! Emailed my NSS peeps asking for their morning Caribou order. Best, deepest convo in a while out on the trails with Heidi, covering everything that has been dogging me lately. So happy to have her!

Tuesday, August 11

  • Larabars: 2
  • olive oil chips

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 81% quality. Mostly solid, but woke at 4a. Bit of a struggle to get up with the alarm.

Healthy Movement: Stiff lower legs getting up, better with movement. Hamstring limited my squats, and shoulder limited my bench. (I don't THINK I gave Dustin the stinkface for it.) Besides, kickass pulls helped the brain. They felt as solid as goddamn steel today, yo. Post-work I logged my 6 uphills, sweating like a drug mule in customs. The heat wave scheduled for tomorrow can go elsewhere, por favor. No ankle pain today, hooray! Sat a decent chunk of the day at NSS, just due to project type. 

Fun & Play: NSS! Lifting with Timmy. Fun work. Easy-ish hills. Some home productivity, doing dishes & a bit of camper-stocking. Fetch with happy dogs. Quiet, peaceful, air-conditioned house.

Stress Management: A piece of me wanted to tell Dustin all about my stressy weekend, but the smarter-sounding voice in my brain advised me to shut up. Because I need to get over those things, not focus & dwell & obsess for days on end. What benefit would come of turning it into a therapy session instead, and putting my brain back onto the topic? And does my freaking personal trainer really need to help me with that? I mean, he could, he has in the past, but he has much better things to spend his brain power on. AND SO DO I. I feel like not unloading was a tiny but certain victory for carrying my own load.

Temperance: Compliments collected today: Dustin told me my back is "looking jacked," so I also showed him the picture I took at home (below), and he was full of "Wow." (Heather had also filled me fulla "wow" a week ago!) During my session, a random female client told me I look "amazing, so toned and strong." At the end of the day, a random male client said my shoulder was impressive (as I reached for something).

Hellz yeah! I'm still struggling some days with body image, sometimes it's little things like the battle to find tops that don't fit stupidly, or worrying I'm "too big"; and yet I'm fine on other days, madly in love with my strength. But all of that is still progress, still a huge improvement over where I've been.

Here's the "wow" picture:

That back was bought & paid for with 15,000 pull-ups in 30 months.

I firmly believe that being strong beats all else in regards to appearance, but I can't quite work up the nerve to post this picture on FB.

Part of it is because how I look is ABSOLUTELY NOT what prompts me to do pull-ups like a fool, and I wouldn't want to send that message, but also part of it is to avoid people judging me as "ew, too much muscle."

UGH, why do I care?!

The reason I WOULD post it is because I find it completely and totally fucking amazing that this is me. ME. ME! It honestly shocks me!

Those muscles really belong to this formerly-chunky bookworm? REALLY?

Lifting is awesome. The best. The bomb diggitiest.

Monday, August 10

  • Larabars:2
  • stupendous smoked almonds

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 81% quality. Took ages to fall asleep, probably due to late nap, plus a stupid jerk of a cat; woke at 130a to stupid jerk of a dog; 4a & 5a due to stupid cat again. Got up pretty much hating the world. Energy stayed low most of the day.

Healthy Movement: Still a slight pain on front of left ankle, so no running today. Sad, because trails, but glad, because I am TARRED. Shoulder is slightly better than yesterday, but I did have to drive with the pool noodle tucked against my back to be comfy. Hamstring feels improved, but I did nothing that would've tested it.

Fun & Play: Knocked out dad's Bookwork. NSS on a day that I wasn't supposed to be, and happy reactions! Chitchat on the weekend's trail adventure; campground booked by the hubs. Fetch. Hubs chitchat.

Stress Management: The weekend was not bucket-filling, thanks to the Friday night argument/Saturday morning breakdown. Add a crap night of sleep. Add a morning at DBB where I reworked a return TWICE, getting frustrated with my stupidity, ugh. Then once again I'd gotten myself back to waiting for help on the co-op returns, but it was 10am and I was still waiting for someone who could help me. Sometimes they work really late at night and come in really late, so whatevs, I decided to take an early lunch (I was hangry) and work on my home-study course.

Halfway through that, I learned that all three knowledgeable folks were on vacation, and the two others who might been able to scrounge up something I could work on had called in sick. OMGAYS. So what the fuck was I supposed to do? I finished my home-study course & took the test, and passed with 34/35 right. Then I left, having done a mere 2.7 hours of work. What the fuuuuck. I hit Dad's shop over his lunch hour to get him finished, then went home to grab my NSS stuff, and worked there. Success! Finally things accomplished!

BUT. Now I have to somehow take the 4 hours I worked at NSS and leave early or come in late to go work at DBB, because I am salaried at NSS and hourly at DBB, so I can't not make up those hours. It all worked fine, and I know that it will be fine, but all of this was super-dee-duper frustrating on a day that I was crank & tired to begin with. UGH to this entire day, basically.

Sunday, August 9

  • Trav's
Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 11p-6a, 71% quality. In late due to fancypants supper. Complete energy tank mid-afternoon, once again napped 2 hours.

Healthy Movement: Sore on front of left ankle, outta nowhere; I don't think this is a past injury rearing up due to stress, but I can't say that for certain, as everything lower-body has probably been a problem at some point by now. Who knows. Rest it, see what happens. Left hamstring still tight, left shoulder rather crank. Nearly didn't lift at all, wanted to curl up in a ball & cry or sleep, anything but, yet I am an adult [with ambitious pull-up goals], and need to find ways to get through days like this, so I did what felt smart. Shoulder remained frustratingly crank all day. Very low energy all day.

Fun & Play: Second breakfast with awesome peeps at my favorite place. Happy dogs at the SIL's. Nap. Progress on my home study course. Hubs following the W2R plan. Camping plans.

Temperance: Yep, feeling the painful effects of too much socializing, not enough hibernating. Sucks. Hate being so delicate.

Saturday, August 8

Nutrition: Had dinner at a fancy-pants restaurant where I could easily specify all my "no" foods and trust they definitely had other ways to prepare & make awesome. And they did. I had a tenderloin that melted in my mouth like buttah. Happiness!
  • La Ferme (fajitas, amuse bouche)
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 85% quality. Argument with hubs just before bed left me sleeping like hell. I expected the quality reading to be maybe 60%. Got up tired. Managed a 2-hour nap after family reunion / before fancy dinner.

Healthy Movement: Had intended on a couple hours at LCSP, but rearranged my weekend schedule some in order to fix the hubs-argument, one piece of which mean chopping that mileage. Ran slow because it felt hard: stressed brain. Ended up nearly having a full-blown anxiety attack out there, so I shut down and walked back. Body felt okay rest of the day, but...crank left shoulder.

Fun & Play: Pretty morning in the woods. Family reunion. Rosenstock dinner with lovely people at a lovely place. Hubs time.

Temperance: The source of the argument & resulting anxiety attack all stem from my delicate-flowerness. Because I demand a lot of my not-hardy body, I have a high need for recovery, and I don't have the mental or physical energy to do things sometimes. Like family things that have been sprung on me a the last minute, not to be specific or anything, hint hint. I know that I need massive recovery, so I build my schedule around it, and a Sunday without leaving home is kind of vital to my week.

I over-booked myself this weekend already because I HAD to get all the Terri time I could, since it's only once per year TOPS that I can; so adding a family outing was going to throw me into a tailspin, so I was going to skip. AGAIN. Cue upset, hurt, etc, hubs. Cue me feeling defensive, hurt, guilty, then sorry for myself. Oh, and selfish, because if I just backed off on the physical, I would have more mental capacity. But if I did that, I would be an unhappy girl, too. LOSE LOSE.

Anyway. Things were fixed, kind of sort of.

Friday, August 7

  • Larabars: 2
  • Lunch at Trav's 

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 83% quality.

Healthy Movement: Feeling okay, little aches in lower body. Logged DL NG pulls at NSS every 20 minutes, averaging 8s but had a 7 & even a 9 in there; rather sore muscles in my forearms, but joints are okay, so pull I did. I need to do 215 pulls per week to hit 1,500,000 lbs for the year, so Fridays will be my day to catch up to that number. Incentive not to slack on Sundays, yo.

Fun & Play: Another great day at NSS. Lunch with Holea. Haircut. Wine bar with TERRI, fresh and lovely in from her travels. Looking forward to lots of hang time this weekend. It means shucking a lot of other things, but home girl is only here once every year or two, I'm not going to call 3 hours "enough" - I can't! HH chitchat, plotting the morning's run outing. Hubs chitchat.

Thursday, August 6

Nutrition: Somehow I managed to bring zero Larabars today. UUUGGGHHHH. Luckily, sweet Holea gave back the treat I'd brought her, a CB cup, so I survived. BARELY. As I ran hills, I was highly distracted by how hungry I was! Made sure to load up at supper. Lots of recovery needed, yo.
  • olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 930p-530a, 79% quality. Woke to loud active dogs at like 1a for whatever stupid reason, but fell back easily. Weird dreams in the early AM again.

Healthy Movement: Calves were extremely tight when I got up, walking-funny levels of tightness. I would say that's a delayed effect from the uphills on Tuesday. Deadlifts on the trap bar felt better than last week's; hammie cooperates if I keep them rather squatty, so I guess I will. Super pull-up PR, shot right past 23 to 24! Ran downhills after work, and they felt great, which was most excellent, as they nearly didn't happen.

Fun & Play: Great day at NSS (but aren't they all?)! Fabulous session. Picture with the NSS crew, I'm actually part of the company, yee haw! BB & BK chitchat. Fun run. Fetch. Hubs chitchat. Sunshine & a rainbow. Happy kittehs. Cool air and open windows.

Wednesday, August 5

Nutrition: Struggling to get enough calories in again. I ate so much at lunch that I felt painfully stuffed (pork chop, 2 toast, buncha strawberries, CB cup), but was hungry again in only 3 hours. Somehow, despite my huge reliance on fat calories (yesterday I plugged a basic day into a calculator, and I was 49% fat calories!), my body acts like a carboholic's, in that I need food every 3 hours. This is actually rather annoying, and I'd prefer to be able to get back to three squares. But, given my high activity level, maybe that's not reasonable? Maybe I NEED the snack calories? The best calculator literally tells me 3000 calories. Sheesh.
  • Larabars: 2

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 67% quality. Woke 3a, dozed for a while, crazy dreams, dogs up early, gah.

Healthy Movement: Bit achey lower body, but better than yesterday morning felt. Run was slow & chatty, but it felt good, which is pretty damn excellent.

Fun & Play: Gorgeous morning, including mist in the low spots, golden sunshine, 3 deer, and 2 pheasants on my morning commute! Knocked out TWO chapters of my home-study. Only 4 & the test to go! I also scheduled a blood donation AND a haircut. That's massive progress for me in one lunch hour!

Temperance: This new life combined with extra running has left me feeling overly busy. I'm not depleting myself just yet, but I don't have much time to read for fun, to write, to hammock. Must make sure it doesn't get overburdened. I posted ONE blog item in July. One. I have so much more to say, why am I not making the time to say it?

Tuesday, August 4


  • Larabars: 1
  • the last of my smoked almonds, SADFACE

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 70% quality. Woke at 230a, fell back after a while.

Healthy Movement: Everything is achey from hips down, but nothing concerning. Session went as well as they've been going lately: nothing spectacular, watch that hamstring, bench is a tad weak, pulls stagnant. But, because I love me some Timmy + Dustin time, it was delightful! After work I ran my 5 uphills on Victoria, first of my "hill month" workouts.

Fun & Play: NSS day! Fun session. Wonderful meeting with the Chiefs, showing them the spreadsheet/forecast project I've been working on for two weeks. They were appropriately impressed, woo hoo! They gave me a bunch of number-tweaks to add in (as I wanted), were relieved they can move forward with their priority-spending plan, and that we can then use this S/S to look at a couple other scenarios they are considering. Showing my value-add immediately, yo!

After work was wake-surfing night. Unlike last year, I made sure everyone understood WHY I wasn't interested in the surfing, and no one tried cajoling me into it. It was super dee duper fun, except that we had to go in two groups (sad), and OH YEAH the part where Holea's shoulder popped out of socket; it went back in within a minute, but my girl was in PAIN during & then different pain afterward, and I felt terrible for her. Still do, because if there is one thing I've learned: injuries fucking SUCK. 

Other assorted fun: new NSS clothing, texting with HK, hubs chitchat, sunshine on my face.

Temperance: I did feel like a bit of a loser for leaving promptly after group one was delivered back to shore, and everyone went to eat (except Holea, who went home to ice), while group two headed out on the boat, and I was like, "Nope, ate before I came, and it's 7:45 so I gotta go home to bed." Those peeps are AT WORK when I get up, but dammit, I just can't do what they do. 8 hours or bust, and no outing is fun enough to chop that down to 7 or less. I just can't. AND THAT'S OKAY, SABRINA.

Monday, August 3

Nutrition: Got some acne stacking up from the iffy weekend. Le sigh.
  • Larabars: 2
  • super dee duper smoked almonds

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 79% quality. Took a while to fall asleep; woke at 2a but fell back; woke at 4a & dozed in/out until I gave up. Cats were a little obnoxious. Got up a bit tired, which sucks, as I had SUCH a great streak going!

Healthy Movement: Lower body aching pretty good getting out of bed. Bit of upper-body tightness as well. Glutes are sore in a good way. Lower-left back is a touch tight. This sure seems like an awful lotta problems, doesn't it? I blame the tire flips and standing a bit awkwardly much of the day at DBB. Went to LCSP determined to run every single hill, no walking, push myself up them & get a baseline for August 1, before I spend the month doing hill work. It was a bit easier than I expected, mostly since I ran slow & easy to ensure I could do it. Body ached pretty good the rest of the night: glutes, hams, low back.

Fun & Play: Cool morning. Errands knocked out at noon, yet still time for coworker chitchat. FB silliness. GP chitchat. LCSP peacefulness & a successful mental win. BK chitchat. Hubs chitchat.

Sunday, August 2

  • super giant tons of fake-toast today: normal 2 with breakfast, SB&J toast for a snack, and FIVE slices of French toast for PWO lunch
  • pint AZ, just to finish off the weekend like an indulgence champ

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 81% quality. I'm sleeping a ton lately. Is this catching up, or is this why I feel awesome? Either way, it's working, I'll keep it up! Napped in afternoon (2-330p) just because I could, really; wasn't feeling too tired.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great. Felt strong as hell in my lifting workout, although left shoulder was off/on cranky, and hamstring as well. But I just felt GOOD, energized, strong, like I freaking damn well should. Even got some tire flips in, for the first time in a year, and DAMN are they satisfying! More, please. Even the hubs played with it.

Would really love to know why I feel so awesome this weekend. Eating a ton? Sleeping extra? Job stress truly dismissed? Finally recovered from Tahoe? ALL of this? How exactly do I keep this great thing going?

Fun & Play: Coffee on the deck, reading, enjoying the morning, for almost 2 hours. Chores knocked out, including hubs effort. Lifting, and with the hubs besides! Taco-sitting. Nap! Delicious supper prepared by a hubs who is TOTALLY sucking up to me or something, I dunno, but I like it. Email to sweet Shannon.

Temperance: Goals. After having a mental breakdown over the very idea of setting any, I think I have a couple for the month of August:
  • Personal: hills. I need to log some serious effort on uphills to be a good pacer at Superior. Thus, I've plotted out my August to include 20 miles on the Victoria hills. It's a tad ambitious, but it's not impossible by any means. After all, if I'm too tired on a Thursday, isn't there always Friday? Or the ability to simply hike them? Yes, yes there is. So, 20 miles on Victoria, that's my personal goal.
  • Professional: I'm within weeks of the renewal (or expiration) of my group fitness certification. Although I have no idea whether I need it or not, I already have the home-study course that will be enough credits to renew me, so I will. I need to get through 6 more chapters & the [online] test itself & pay for my renewal & mail all of this by August 19th. This is a bit of a challenge since I accomplish little during the week, and there are only two weekends in between: one of which is chock-full of social outings, and one of which includes a camping/running trip to Duluth. Oof. So, that's my professional goal.

Saturday, August 1

Nutrition: New option for chain restaurants: Ruby Tuesday has a pretty sweet salad bar that actually has balsamic. Score!
  • 2 chews during run
  • Larabar
  • Bag olive oil chips

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 87% quality. Ages to fall asleep (hotel) and in/out 4-5a (couldn't get pillow right) but I got up feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Somehow, the Afton outing was easy peasy. Yay! Slight tightness in left core but not bad. Hamstring held up very well. Some slight ache in left shoulder. Very slight long-run soreness afterward, but nothing near what I had expected, even after 3 hours in the pickup. PURE AWESOMENESS.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Trail running party, on new trails, with new friends. Hubs time. 

Friday, July 31

Nutrition: A nutrition PR today: THIRD breakfast!
  • Larabars: 2
  • Lunch at Trav's
  • Supper at Clearwater Travel Plaza

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 95% quality. Woken by pooches, otherwise perfectly solid.

Healthy Movement: Body felt fairly good. Logged 40 pulls at NSS, sets of 8 (solid, 0 kip) every half hour. Easily!

Fun & Play: Deer in the backyard again! Caribou delivery to my NSS peeps. Fabulous day at NSS. Lunch with my BB. Thoughtful gift from Dustin (bootch!). Hubs time, on a teacup-sized vacation. He's now in charge of all vacation planning, he did so well!