Wednesday, July 29

Nutrition: Pretty hungry lately. Struggling to eat enough despite mounds of smoked almonds daily. Caved to three Larabars today, which sucks because acne is already kind of rotten, lots of little cysts going on.
  • 3 Larabars
  • Chocolate super cookies
  • Superb smoked almonds 

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 930p-530a, 88% quality. Solid, but alarm had to wake me and it didn't quite feel like enough.

Healthy Movement: Ended my day barefoot at DBB, as the shoes were feeling really tight, but I didn't have fat feet at all. Weird. Not sore from squats, and eager to run, but felt rather tired by the time I got to LCSP. Happily, it went quite well, with only some random feelings of tightness from the hamstring, more on uphills but not consistently so. Definitely slow, and hoping I can get there often enough in August to hit the point where I can run all the hills without issue - like last fall. But before fall! I need to run more than three times per week to reach that point, though.

Fun & Play: Out of jury duty again* and thankful because it was a case scheduled to go into tomorrow. DBB progress on the insane tax return, and nice chats with a few folks. Trails with half of my besties & a bonus three (one of which was a pooch!) on a night that was much cooler, thus fewer mosquitoes & flies, oh so lovely. Fantastic supper from the hubs: bacon burgers & bacon-wrapped sweet potato. I've asked him why he's sucking up to me, and he says he isn't!

Stress Management: *but not until 11 this time, only able to leave after hearing 25 people answer a ton of questions and never being called up myself. But you can't bring anything to do; in case you ARE called up, you have to answer the same questions. Insanely frustrating to sit there and accomplish nothing at all, but also because I didn't get to work until quarter to noon, and I can't make up that time, nor do I have any kind of vacation there. At least, not yet. I might be able to earn 20% of whatever their policy is, but I actually don't know.

Temperance: Which brings up a bit of a sore point this week: I'm not NEW at either job, so there has been zero formal new-hire treatment at either place. And yet, I freaking AM new!

There is much I don't know about daily operations at NSS, because it's never been a part of what I did there, so I have never asked nor cared. I've been tossed into staff meetings with zero preface. There's a freaking team member handbook, and I've not received one! And there's been no announcement of any kind about me joining the team, which actually stings a lot. I am there because those peeps are my tribe, and the lack of fanfare sure doesn't make me feel like I am part of THEIR tribe. I'm telling myself it's because they don't so much see me as new, but still, how can they not?!

At DBB, I've only ever worked during tax season, other than a few visits to clients a few years ago - yes, I've been there for 13 tax seasons, but it would be nice to learn some of the "normal year" practices. I don't even know how formal or casual I can dress? I know I can ask, but it would be helpful to see some kind of policy info if they have any...but hell, maybe they don't have any, I don't know! Tax boss keeps things chill, which is completely awesome 99% of the time, but some defined things would be nice to know without asking or just wondering until I reach the point where it's been so damn long that I'd feel like an idiot for asking.

I don't want the sort of insane newbie orientation that TS had, NO THANK YOU MADAM, happy to be away from such formalities, but something would be nice? Something somewhere between that and nothing whatsoever, pure zero?

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