Tuesday, June 30

  • Larabars: 2
  • Renola

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 79% quality. I'd have called it better; woke a few times but always back easily. Was dozing the last 20 minutes or so, and might have slept longer but for pets.

Healthy Movement: Shins, ankles, and feet are extremely achey in the morning, and mild all day.  Shoulder feels a lot better. Ham is improving again, but still there. Dustin made me do lightweight box squats only, which was the perfect height to avoid pain, and I GUESS that was smart, but ARGH I don't wanna be in pain at all! Attempted my bodyweight bench today, and couldn't have gotten closer to it, righttherebutnotquite. Logged a big chunk of pulls after work, to hit 5000 for the year. I was so close that I couldn't not do it! It was easier than expected, and more pulls in one day than I've ever done. BKSP-ing started out easy, got hard, and BK seemed a bit down, but we talked Tahoe in the parking lot for a long while to finish on a high note. Wore big fat luggy winter shoes, to see if that helped the sore feet/ankles, and they probably need to be my Tahoe shoes anyway. The actual running in them felt same as always.

Fun & Play: Silly coworkers. Break time with BK. Session. Wrapping up many assorted things at work. 5000 pulls. No jury duty tomorrow! BKSP (6 deer!) & Tahoe talk. Hubs time.

Goodbyes: Today I canceled my remaining afternoon classes. Attendance has been zero or one person since summer began, and I want to get to LCSP earlier, not waste my time waiting to see if anyone will show up. So I also had to compose a bit of a goodbye email. Sad times. I am feeling so many emotions already...next week is going to be impossible.

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