Thursday, July 2

  • Larabars: 3 (one of them was at like 3a, so I justified it)

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 67% quality. Dogs noisy & active at 245a, and I was feeling a bit h/s/g (not quite enough to eat yesterday, I think) so I got up for bathroom, water, half a Larabar, and THEN the dogs decided they wanted out. Lexi was back quickly, but I was back in bed for 10 minutes before I heard Hank scratching, so back up again. Jerks! Fell back quite soundly, and might have made it even longer but dogs were up again. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.

Healthy Movement: Glutes are still feeling fatigued. (What the hell?) Lower legs feel much better, just a bit stiff first off out of bed. Shoulder actually feels awesome, and stayed awesome throughout the session. Hammie prevented deadlifting, gah; it feels a lot better, but the formerly-hurty spot screamed of tightness so we went back to easy box squats. Pull-ups, still without straining, went skyrocketing upward - yeah bitchez! Saw James afterward, who has me coming back one more time at the end of next week, essentially just to make sure it's still good. Shoulder was a little bit crank on the drive home, but that was it. Now I just gotta remember my stretches like a smart person.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Slacking off at work, just waiting to be asked questions. Couple silly emails with Mike/Dustin. Session. Checking out my stand-up desk and also having Dustin ask for a link to my preferred keyboard/mouse solution (less than three weeks, eee!). Calendar clean-up, a little bittersweet. A nice farewell from the CFO, who's out next week.

Stress Management: I worked past 6 tonight, because I was helping out someone who is taking a month-end task from me, and he's out next week, so today was our only chance for him to do the work. I managed to stay upbeat about it, because I wasn't missing any plans, and he is a lovely soul & I sure don't want to strand him in a month, but dang, I'm beyond DONE with month-end being such an overwhelming demand. Happily, this is the last time. NOT going to miss it!

Temperance: This morning, I saw this picture of a truly awesome badass beast of a woman:

And my first thought was, "Hm, you know, I don't really look much different than that." I've got a little belly fluff that she doesn't (the soft-sided cooler in which I hide my six-pack, yo), but the rest? I could grease up & tan up & pose up, and look about the same.

Wait, did I seriously just think that I look as strong as Jen Sinkler? (For the record, she's much stronger, but 'scool; my running eats up my squat & deadlift weight, but my running beloveds are worth that trade-off.)

I say, hot damn, that's a good mindset.

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