TahoeWeek: Friday, July 17 - Tuesday, July 21

I didn't attempt to take notes at all, so this is a brain dump of everything, a week later.

  • Breakfast: if at hotel, SB&J toast (which I brought from home) + fruit; if out: eggs, ham, potatoes; both: all the coffee
  • Lunch & supper: Cobb salad or an approximation thereof
  • Snacks were smoked almonds, Larabars, bacon or pork jerky, apples or bananas, rice crackers & summer sausage & fake cheeze, cran-blueberry crunch, bootch; all brought from home, and utilized often, because otherwise I wouldn't have taken in enough calories from the meals out
  • Iffy things: breakfasts out; balsamic vinaigrette dressing; lotta sugar compared to my norm
  • Acne: a couple cysts early while there, and a smattering upon return

Sleep: Pretty terrible most of the time. Hotel bed was very hard, so Thursday/Friday evenings were bad. Saturday night, of course, was the race, but we got a 2-hour nap in on Sunday. Sunday night was the only one that we truly slept in & enjoyed, solid for all of us but poor BK. Monday night Hop drove 9p-7a, and my sleep was very choppy, but much more quantity than the drive out. I never want to road-trip through the entire night ever again. Fuck that noise; 3 out of 7 nights being awful sleep is NOT okay for this orchid. Napped on Tuesday when we got home, before anything was even unloaded from the truck.

Healthy Movement: On Friday I was still a bit achey after the drive. We hiked up to the aid station and while it was tough, it was also GORGEOUS, and it was helpful to learn what we were getting into for race day. That evening is when I finally realized I would somehow be putting on 50k for race day between crewing & pacing. (Shit!) Rest of the day was lazy. Saturday crewing was a lot of work. I was hurting in all my old injury-spots and worried that I'd be dropped by BK. I wasn't, but pacing was still a lot of work. Our last bit of Sunday crewing was pure survival mode. We were properly lazy the rest of the day, and I was aching in all my lower-body joints. On Monday, the joints continued to ache, as did extremely tight lower legs from that hill, and my upper back from hauling those bags on the final hike down. Tuesday was actually fairly good, but I again had super fat feet from the drive, and I was tired as a dog.

Fun & Play/Temperance/Socialization/Nature/etc: Despite all the sleep deprivation and the massive amount of work, Tahoe was pretty fun. So much nature. Gorgeous views, got my mountains and got my lake and also got to view some great bonus true snow-on-top mountains along the drive out as well, though I would much rather have been IN THEM than driving past them.

Got my Tunnel Creek Cafe. I also had to pick every other fucking restaurant we went to because I am so stupidly difficult, and that got old fast. I really began to resent my stupid food restrictions again. Why can't my symptom just be an aching gut? The handmade, from-scratch, meat-lover's pizza that hubs ate on Sunday night would've been completely worth a few hours of pain, but not two weeks of depression.

I liked Kate a lot more than I thought I might, though by the end she seemed too high-maintenance - although, nearly anyone would've been at that point in my tired life. Never got sick of the hubs, which is rare! I did often feel awkward & stifled, like I had to be careful how I interacted with BK, lest Kate or hubs get jealous. Felt hyper-aware of anything I said, but that was probably all in my head and nothing to do with them - hated that. I do wish I'd had more solo downtime, which was nonexistent since we all shared a room and during the race we sat around chatting & I never cracked my book. When I woke up on the early side Monday morning, I eagerly dashed out & down to breakfast to have a half hour by myself before everyone else got moving. On the bright side, the TV was NEVER ONCE turned on; we each had our own screen (phone) at our fingertips so no one wanted a blaring TV, which was freaking fantastic. I hate TV noise.

The race itself was a bit disappointing; it was very, very hard for me to see BK suffering from the altitude which was so completely out of our control, and not really know what to do, how to help. I much prefer for his problems to be easily solvable! It was also hard for me to have Kate helping him, since I have interpreted his preference for aid as being all-business, what is the problem & how do we fix it, yet she of course was full of empathy and emotion and I felt like I was interrupting to help out. But, not to sound like an arrogant asshole, she isn't as good as me at doing this! I want BK to have first-rate top-notch service, damn it, and that's what I provide. My spreadsheet, once I fixed it, worked like a charm, and I crew-chiefed that bitch like a pro. I did get a bit of wonderful thanks from  him during our snack break while pacing; he said, "Thank you for doing this. I don't say it enough, but I really do appreciate that you do all this for me." And I brushed it off, but it meant everything to hear him say that, because I really do run myself into the fucking ground for him sometimes, and definitely did so for this race. He offered to buy me a shirt or something afterward, but I don't need any more crap, and I don't need to spend his money. He can repay me with his company on trail miles, and that's all I want.

Hubs truly enjoyed himself despite all the miles he put on. We even talked about when the other big races are, and would he like to come along. I insisted none of my other crewing gigs have been remotely this hard, but he held up pretty damned well for this one. His knee hurt on the trek down from the A/S for the final time, but he barely complained. He is so easy. I love him very much and feel quite lucky to have him.

It wasn't all 100% good, but nothing is. ANd overall, there isn't much I would change. A massive success!

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