Sunday, July 5

  • chews during run
  • some cran-blueberry crunch during run
  • post-run pizza

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 830p-5a, 79% quality. Woke due to dogs and also h/s/g at 215a, but didn't fully wake up more than yelling at the dogs a couple times (Hank keeps licking Lexi's hot spot, OMG WHY, and how is it SO LOUD?). Fell back soundly, but alarm woke me. Ugh. Napped post-run, about 1-245p.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling dehydrated and even had a bit of a headache. All that sun & heat yesterday, not enough water. I had tried to get caught up on the drive home, but not quite. So this morning I limited myself on coffee and drank water all the way out to LCSP. I took at least a sip on every single uphill to start, and I soon felt normal. Bit of a mental battle for the first 5 miles where I simply couldn't fathom doing 20, but I just kept shutting down the fears and relied on my plan and my peeps. And it worked! Glutes were the main fatigue presenters out there again. The trouble with that is trudging up hills turns REALLY difficult and no longer offers the recovery relief on the heart & lungs. That's a bit panicky for Tahoe's climbs, but there's really nothing to be done for it now, other than hope for the best. Did an ice-ish bath in LCSP, knees down, but I really wanted to sit my entire ass down in there, yet I didn't want to have to change for the drive home. At home, post-run shower (owee, chafing!), post-shower pizza, post-pizza run write-up, post-everything NAP. Glorious. Outside of calves/shins hurt to touch, like back when I had stress reactions, but now it's taper time, so I'm going to be fine. Sore glutes (hurt to balance on one foot, hurt like a bitch on one foot and with a slight hip hinge) and sore feet to finish out the day. Luckily, no-to-slow movement was on the plan.

Fun & Play: Quiet trails, followed by trails with friends. Twelve deer! Quiet house. Nap time with kittehs. Pure laziness, like accomplishing next to nothing the rest of the day. Oh well!

I came to a level of comfort on Tahoe, which is that if BK drops me, it means he's doing amazing; if he doesn't, it means I'm doing amazing. So either way: hooray!

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