Sunday, July 12

Nutrition: Of all places to find it, Walmart had Arctic Zero! Probably shouldn't have had it, given the acne outbreak, but I couldn't resist, especially after the ice cream annoyance just the other day. 
~~25% Daiya pizza
~~pint Arctic Zero

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 945p-615a, 96% quality. I'm shocked that I slept that well after yesterday! Hank pranced me awake at 430a, but I yelled at him and rolled over. He then made it as long as he could, I suppose. Got up feeling a bit tired, but the overwhelming fatigue seems to be gone.

Healthy Movement: Not sure I should do anything. Left Achiles still tight. Left hammie has gone backward, tight again at both ends. Lifting tomorrow & Tuesday, and probably running both nights. Foam rolled everything. Did a few pulls/chins while hanging in basement waiting out the storm. 

Fun & Play: Silent house. BK coffee date to finalize all things Tahoe. Snuggly pets...but in the basement waiting out a scary storm. Made it fun with FB chitchat.

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