Saturday, July 4

Nutrition: Getting acne.
  • 2 larabars
  • Cran-blueberry crunch
  • 1.5 bags pork jerky (sweetened)
  • Bootch (oof, more sugar, ummm)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 945p-545a, maybe 70% quality. No app. No ear plugs and a bad pillow. Shoulder a little crunched.

Healthy Movement: Stood all day at Afton, 8am to 3pm or so. Sat to eat at that point and didn't want to stand at all anymore! Until it was time to fold back into the car and drive home: UGH. Again, towel down thoracic spine made a world of difference.

Fun & Play: Afton! I was on timing and learned a little about their triple-check system, but they had a lot of peeps so I was put in charge of something completely stress-less, which was the "Results" kiosk, two laptops showing up-to-date results, with the ability to search runners or look at the overall times or anything, really. So, I basically helped runners & spectators use them to look up results, then most of the time, I'd peek at it over their shoulder, exclaim how awesome that was, and ask how the race went. I got to boost people up ("Really? That's a good time here?"), hear some fun race reports, and congratulate some serious badasses. I even borrowed some tubs to elevate the laptops so no one had to bend over to table height. I expect to see that genius enhancement at future races! It was almost better than aid stations, because I got to see every racer, watch the finishes, and I got to see almost every volunteer at some point. Super dee duper fun catching up with the ultra trail nerds! I sort of fell apart at the end, chitchatting with BK and feeling overheated and done and dreading the drive home. Luckily there seemed to be tons of hands helping get shit cranked out. But still, I feel bad for not pitching in all the way through. Looking forward to helping at even more of these. Storkamp's setup is pretty amazing, very impressed by the logistics.

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