Saturday, July 11

Nutrition: I didn't eat enough at Relay. Consumed: Epic bar, cherries, pistachios, Larabar...that's only like 600 calories, for 26 miles. Dumb. Kept water intake up, though, not entirely idiotic.
  • Larabars: 1
  • 75% of a Daiya pizza
  • GF English muffin
Acne: Getting a forehead cyst today. Too many of the GF English muffins? I had 5 in 4 days. The 2 entire bags of potato chips in 2 days, somehow not okay?

Sleep: Obviously this was all screwy due to Relay. 6.5 hours in bed, 630a-1p, 66% quality; actually quite solid, but I think it's low due to low quantity. I ate, and still felt so incredibly sleepy that I went back to bed at only 230p & napped until freaking 6p; I had guessed it would only be about 1.5 hours, not 3.5! I figure the initial 6.5 was my proper overnight sleep, and the 3.5 was half to catch up my overnight, and half to recover form the 26 miles. And yet, I was still completely drained for the night.

Healthy Movement: I dunno, is 9 hours of walking "healthy"? Probably not. After all the sleeping, I was still useless. Vegged on the couch watching an old Wonder Woman episode: oh, the glorious fashion of 1978! I don't think I've watched TV in like 4 months? Hank & Clyde were snuggled up close, and sure seemed to love my laziness. Aftermath: all of the acute aches subsided other than a tight left Achilles. Probably be perfectly normal in another day or two.

Fun & Play: Relay for Life. Spent many hours with some of my favorite people.I feel a little guilty not hanging with the TS peeps, since I was technically still the team captain, but I wasn't going to sit at anyone's site, honestly - I was just there to walk. I skipped all of the "fun" and activity things, in favor of relentless movement. Wanted to beat myself down a bit for the training benefit, but mostly I don't need the extras. I'm there to walk, let the entertainment be for the people who need it. Still, had lots of tiny mental battles to just keep going, to think of what it's like to be facing a terminal illness, and how much such a patient would give to only have sore feet being their main physical ailment. Didn't have to spend a lot of time by myself, except for the last couple hours or so. Kept DQ company when he began to fall apart and was ready to just walk it out, tried to give him the mental boost to get back into running and hit his ambitious goal. He did it! I stayed for clean-up even though I was absolutely beyond depletion. I felt like a zombie in the apocalypse. All I wanted was sleep. Happy the house was empty of the hubs so I could continue to be a zombie. Wish I'd had some kind of energy for something, anything, because it leaves a lot to accomplish on Sunday.

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