Wednesday, June 10

Nutrition: Had to fast for a blood draw. MAN, that was a struggle. For once it wasn't so much the lack of coffee (though that was certainly unpleasant) so much as the lack of food in mah bellay. I was gettin' hangry.
  • Larabars: 2
  • few chews

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 89% quality. Solid, woke by Hanky.

Healthy Movement: Sore from squats, slightly tight in upper back. Skipped the lunch run to see BK for the first time in forevah. Holea wasn't up for sprints in the eve so we just walked hills. I've re-plotted my weekend schedule a dozen times or so, but I think I'm set on today being my rest day, then I'm going to run easy on Friday, lift on Saturday, and run looong Sunday. If I need to take a 0 day on Monday, then, it might coincide nicely with jury duty. (Or not. Who knows.) I just have to make sure Saturday lifting doesn't directly lead to a shitty Sunday run.

Fun & Play: Class. Lunch w/ BK. Silly coworker fun. Magic cholesterol numbers! A productive afternoon, although I've GOT TO get time to teach my last giant task to someone who is currently overbooked. Ugh. Team Training was a total blast. Holea & Mitzi time. Fetch with my pooches, and kittehs exploring the outdoors, and windows open to the cool night.

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