Thursday, June 4

Nutrition: I want to eat ALL THE FOOD today.
  • Larabars: 2
  • smoked almonds again
  • a few chews between runs
  • ribs

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 97% quality. In late due to the supper with my ROUSers, and up earlier than I wanted thanks to Hankypank. I could've used another hour...tired.Very tired by the day's end, nearing "fuck the whole stupid world" tired.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good other than lower legs being tight. Left medial gastroc specifically, don't I sound like a genius [who uses Google images]? Good solid session; shoulder a little crank afterward. Tried to log a fast two miles before walk to run since no one came to class, but the body told me to fuck off. Walk to run itself felt pretty enjoyable other than the blister.

Left shoulder got crank enough throughout the day for me to ice the little bastard, as I type. I spent two hours convincing myself to tell Dustin to keep me off the rings for a few weeks and see what happens, but maybe I could wait until I hit 25, but that could be like 2 months who knows, and don't I want to be strong not kippy anyway, so who cares! I finally just dropped an email so I can't conveniently forget and keep dragging out this stupidity.

Fun & Play: Coworkers in good moods. Silly memes. Session. Work progress. Walk to run. Hubs time. Quiet time.

Stress Management: I'm turning into a jerk at work. Everyone seems to be chitchatty and I CAN'T POSSIBLY CHITCHAT RIGHT NOW as I have a bajillion things to accomplish before I bail. And did I mention my upcoming week of jury duty? FUCK.

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