Thursday, June 25

  • Larabars: 3

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 945p-515a, 77% quality. In late due to LAE prep, woke often, but got up feeling good. Glad I had a rest day yesterday.

Healthy Movement: Shoulder had given me NOTHING by session time. Did sumo deadlifts, which were stupidly easy-peasy. Dustin let me be downright foolish with everything (6 sets of pulls!), but something tweaked up in my left hammie insertion area on the 205 attempt, DAMN IT. It was terrifying for a second there, because a torn hammie would affect lifting and running and daily life and FUCK ALLATHAT - but it turned mild right quick, so I've tamped down the panic. I still walked out on top of the world because of all the pulls and the easy deadlifts, just feeling like Hot Shit, yo. In the afternoon I popped downstairs to log enough pulls to hit 101 for the day. Shoulder got a bit crank on the third set of deadlifts, and was a little worse yet by the time I did the bonus pulls in the afternoon. Delightful walk to run outing with Hannah told me the hamstring would tolerate running, but not for long distance. So, no running til Sunday. LAE work stuffing bags, up & down off the floor, told me that stretching that area hurts; sadly that means squatting, hingeing, sitting = all hurts! I did 4 bonus pulls to hit 105, for no real reason other than I've never done that many in a day, so why not?

Fun & Play: Team fun. Break time with BK on his birthday, plus some chitchat. I miss our running dates and I hope they can resume when my life settles down NEXT WEEK! Session. Final night of walk to run. LAE race prep with some of my favorites.

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