Thursday, June 18

  • Larabars: 3, I think (2 were that's all gone)
  • pork jerky
  • rice crackers
  • GF English muffin

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 79% quality. Solid; woke when hubs got home & crawled in (1230a), but fell back easily. Hankypank began his prancing at 430a, ugh. Need to install a snooze button on his bratty little head.

Healthy Movement: Body is decent. Shoulder improved. Lower legs are a bit tight and feet are a bit achey, which is surprising as I've been stretching calves/Achilles more than usual, and didn't run yesterday. Whatevs. Session was kept the same to see if James' stretches reduce pain from the last couple weeks, or to produce the same ol' pain for tomorrow's appointment with him. Deadlifts bothered the shoulder (pec, more so?) but Dustin didn't see anything odd in my form. Pulls didn't seem to make it worse, though I cut them off as soon as they got tough. Forgot my neck stretch until mid-set, but still did it. Did some rows during my class. It was MUCH better the rest of the day compared to last week. Minor & short freak-out in car on drive home, but not until I was nearly home - all a significant improvement. W2R was delightfully easy, although only a tiny crowd of 4.

Fun & Play: Writing my card for Mary, plus a funny "Fuck cancer" note, just to cause some laughs as well. Seeing a $100 bill in the box for her. Session, where I got more messages for Mary to stuff into the box. Yay! Lovely meeting with one of my lovely peeps. More LAE logistics. W2R in abundant sunshine. Fetch. Hubs time.

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