Thursday, June 11

Nutrition: PSA...when the dog wakes you up on a day you were hoping to sleep in, you should make French Toast. It will make you happy!

Insanely hungry & tired mid-afternoon; considered leaving work to go find calories, since my only options were rice crackers (potential acne source) and Larabars and crunch bites (too sugary). I finally gave in and began eating the crackers. Was again starving at supper time.
  • Larabars: 2
  • serving or two of cran-blueberry crunch bites
  • rice crackers
  • Just realized I haven't been documenting the cheeze I've been eating lately; had some today
Acne: Getting pretty bad again. Sad and frustrated.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 88% quality. Woke a lot after 130a, annoying. Hanky began prancing at 430a already, the jerk. Turned into serious, loud, intentional stomping by 530a. Started the day rather tired.

Healthy Movement: Super creaking, tight lower legs when I got up. Better with movement, but kinda dragging, energy wise. Felt decent going into session, but damn, the results were horseshit! No idea why, but judging by worsening acne, perhaps inflammation? Also: shoulder perfectly crank by 3pm. I swear to fuck, it's actually the deadlifts, somehow. It was sharply angry on the drive home just like last Thursday. Argh argh argh.

That crappy session doesn't really bode well for my planned weekend o' miles + lifting. Hm. Makes me wonder if a rest day tomorrow, instead of the planned hour of running, would be a smart move. Or, I could do that, but cut back Sunday if it seems necessary. Maybe I decide based on how I feel tomorrow morning?

Fun & Play: Coworkers in a very chipper mood. A rose clipping from a coworker, making my area smell AMAZING! Three-day weekend, yee haw! Session. TS birthday bash, my last one. Both sad and thrilled, because I'm just ready to change. Ready to be at NSS with my beloveds.

Socialization: I'm lonely. I miss my running buddies. I miss my BB. I miss all the breaks & lunches I was enjoying with BK. I miss the hubs, gone all weekend.

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