Sunday, May 31

  • Few chews after run
  • Larabars: 2

Sleep: Holy what, I completely forgot to turn on Sleep Cycle! NO DATA?? But in bed 8 hours or so, around 945p-545a, pretty damn solid...95%. Woke naturally and felt rested. Attempted a nap 2-330p, but critters & hubs didn't really cooperate. Got up feeling worse.

Healthy Movement: Body feels fantastic other than that tight trap, and also left shoulder took a small step backward. I did feel that yesterday at NSS, I tried some kippy pulls on the straight bar, trying to gauge whether a muscle-up is something I can get back at, and immediately the left shoulder was like NO YOU DI-INT so I shut right down. Didn't feel it when I actually got to lifting at home; it was all good there.

Morning run at LCSP was AWESOMESAUCE. It had some moments of "too hard" but not many; and when I was there, I just kept up with my pals and trusted the body would come back around. By the very end I could feel some legit fatigue in the glutes & even low back (on uphills), attributing to yesterday's deadlifts (normally I'd be doing a long run the day after a full rest day).

Fun & Play: Slow, quiet, sunny, cool, coffee-filled morning breakfast. Fantabulous trails with fantabulous pals. Playing with Excel. Smoked ribs noms. Trimming up my new short hair even further.

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