Sunday, June 7

Nutrition: I do have one cyst developing, but nothing else. Yesterday's pizza & chews could change things. Still been avoiding the bacon ends & pieces (sob) & letting the hubs eat it up (SOB).

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 84% quality. Woke a few times (dogs) and got up when Hanky wouldn't let up. Feeling fairly rested despite all that.

Healthy Movement: Body better than expected after the miles yesterday. Left calf oddly tight, rest just mild aches. However, when lifting started, I realized I am actually kind of a mess? Tight lower body, creaky joints from hips through knees to ankles, and still a fairly crank left shoulder. (I may have two issues there: inside of bicep/armpit area, AND where [trap?] muscle attaches underneath my collarbone. If a week off rings doesn't improve then I have GOT TO get in to see James. GOT TO.)

I heavily debated grinding through vs doing lightweight KB versions vs cutting out lower body vs total rest, and I chose to take my time & grind it all out as planned. I brought OHP back to 5-lb jumps only and still needed to change the last 2 reps to push-press; these don't bother the shoulder but it could still be the problem. I added more rows per Chiefly direction, and I added hanging abs per my own "sad core" diagnosis. I did back squats since Chief said front squats won't help my caving (thus much more weight than the prior front squats) despite the initial set feeling like garbage (it worked! later sets improved, though still felt heavier than they actually were). I screwed up my bench reps & did extra reps on first two sets before realizing it (super not sad about it!). I boosted deadlifts by a set, though I brought reps down (tried changing grip from last week and that felt awful, went back to R overhand/L underhand, much better).

So, overall, I still accomplished a lot & made progress, but it was hard. Is that okay? I'm struggling with my programming. How can I run a crapton of miles on Saturday and still do All The Lifting on Sunday? I've dramatically increased my workout time in the past month, and my mileage specifically in the past two weeks. I have no reasonable right to expect to feel awesome, but I want to, dammit! For now, I will keep this schedule up, see if I can maintain this with progression, or whether I'm going to be doing All The Work and going backward because I'm not recovering.

Other than the workout, I was on my ass (on the computer) all. day. long.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in, kinda. A silent house while the hubs slept in, for real. Lifting badassery. Reading about FANS badassery. A sunggly kitteh in my lap. A cool house despite outside heat. Knocked out the last bit of CECs for my CMA (from last year; now I have 20 to get in for this year, GULP). Fetch on a gorgeous night. Hubs time.

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