Sunday, June 28

  • GF English muffin
  • Daiya cream cheese

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 1015p-5a, 65% quality. In late due to wedding outing. Up early due to trails with beloveds. Napped about 1030a-1p, which restored normalcy.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling a bit creaky, but the trails were BEYOND lovely, because of both summer morning lushness (so fucking verdant!) and the perfect company. All my trail besties, all at once. I am so thrilled that my weeknights will be mine again (starting Tuesday) and this can become a regular thing again! Did a few sets of pulls throughout the afternoon, but didn't have the energy to lift. Shoulder seemed to be going a bit backward in crankiness, given two days of nothing.

Fun & Play: Trails with 4 of my beloveds. Breakfast with 2 of them. Nap time with kittehs. Afternoon of chore productivity, including making some bacon jam for 2 of my beloveds, both with birthdays last week. I then demanded burgers from the hubs, and he complied, and our bacon jam sampling proved it was a pretty damned fantastic gift!

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