Sunday, June 14

Nutrition: Can you say "stress eating"? I think you probably can.
  • fake cheeze
  • Larabars: 2
  • Paleo On The Go pancakes

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 70% quality. It was more like 85% but I think I had moved the phone to where cat movements would disturb it. Attempted to nap at 11a, but a buzzing phone & barking dogs (even through ear plugs!) delayed falling asleep; legit napped 12-130p. Why am I so tired?!

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling better than yesterday, energy-wise. Shoulder slightly improved. Decided to do a 630a lifting session as a little preview of what I may have to do this week thanks to jury duty (but WHO KNOWS). I decided I'd squat & row, and find ONE other thing I could do. Tried a pull & a chin-up, both hurt the trap/shoulder; so I tried hanging abs: good to go. Short & simple - but it was something. I then tried to build on that with a long walk at LCSP, literally thinking maybe I could do 3 hours of walking as a replacement for the run, but it didn't go that well. Came home & napped. Really lazy the rest of the day, although I did randomly make two laps around the house doing a KB rack carry. A full hour in the hammock capped it all off.

Fun & Play: Workout with Hanky. Fetch with Lexi. Chores done. Some LAE-related tasks completed. No jury duty tomorrow. Hammock time.

Socialization: Other a couple on the trail that I (of course) told where to find the bald eagle nest, and the workers at Elden's, I had zero human interaction today. I thought the hubs was coming home today after the races in Wisconsin, but nope, he's still gone, now off to races in Iowa. I am positive he never shared that when he informed me he'd be gone to races all weekend (that was on MONDAY - last time I saw him). I feel like a roommate who doesn't need to be told anything. So, that's fun.

Stress Management: A little better than yesterday, not feeling so depleted. But now I've added the berating voice of "THAT is your big problem in life, a narrow food selection that begets acne if you fail? THAT is causing you to fall apart? There are people who will DIE if they eat the wrong food! There are people who buried their loved ones yesterday. People were randomly murdered yesterday, while you cried about your acne. Children were molested. YOUR FRIEND MARY HAS GODDAMN FUCKING CANCER. FUCK YOU, SABRINA."

So, that's fun.

And, I'm sorry, what? 30 people (as of 5pm) read yesterday's post. Who the fuck is even looking at this blog?? I should make it private, other than the W30 links. I guess I don't want people reading my pity parties & judging me. And yet, brutal genuine honesty, further proof that none of us really has our shit together...I do think the world needs more of that.

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