Saturday, June 6

  • 1 Larabar
  • 5 chews before/during run
  • Daiya pizza

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 59% quality. Woke tons again, and couldn't really fall back after waking at 4a, but I got up feeling fairly well-rested. Napped about 130-3p or so.

Healthy Movement: Body felt rather creaky in W2R warm-up, like lifting soreness. My little Crossfitting speedster made my "easy peasy" W2R outing into miles that actually counted! Thus, heading out to LCSP for an ambitious 12.5 miles immediately afterward was made even MORE ambitious, but I did it!

I went in treating it like pacer duties (just easier): about an hour, then an aid station, then another hour (roughly). The first lap went about as expected, and since I had no buddies at my side, I'd have been thrilled to stop there & call it good - so I did have to remind myself many times that I couldn't shorten my miles because Tahoe, can't let Brian down, etc. At my pit stop, I took the time to perfect things, like fresh shoes (did not miss the dandelion-catching Vibrams) & socks, a S/S shirt (so much cooler!), and full water bottles. This completely outweighed the mental challenge of leaving my car, which felt a bit risky when I planned it.

I only ate 3 chews, since I had started with a belly full o' Larabar. I ate 2 chews again at ~1:50, but I probably should've had 2-4 chews every half hour. They really aren't many calories apiece (25-ish) so I needed more, but they're sticky so I didn't want to eat them constantly and have them stuck on my teeth & have Spiderman palms, BUT I think they'd sit better in more frequent, smaller doses. Also, um, salt tabs: I had none with, hadn't even thought about them. Next time, yes, need electrolytes!

Anyway, some good lessons re-learned, and miles achieved, and mental confidence gained. I am hyper-aware of the fact that I am pushing miles for a specific point again (the whole reason I quit racing), so I carefully assessed whether the "want to quit after 1 lap" mental mode was merely a temporary tiredness, not that I was going to push myself past it & finish with that smashed-flat, "fuck this, I hate running" feeling. And hooray, all systems go! I'm excited to keep increasing for a couple more weeks here, but really hoping my besties will be able to join some of them. So much more fun that way.

Aftermath: glutes were quite tight & sore, hips were the creakiest joints, feet a little fatigued; and pretty tired, despite the pizza calories & nap. All normal.

Fun & Play: Fantabulous walk to run outing. Successful trail miles. Bald eagles, and spreading the word about them. Quiet time. Car fixed. Nap time. Family outing to a wildly successful benefit for a friend with cancer. More quiet hubs time.

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