Saturday, June 27

  • Larabars: 2
  • mom's smoked almonds (may have had vegetable oil)

Sleep: 6 hours in bed, 10p-4a, 77% quality. In late due to races. Took a while to fall asleep due to monkey mind. Woke once, fell back. Woke at 3a, did NOT fall back. Got up feeling incredibly tired. Napped 11-130a, restored some normalcy.

Healthy Movement: As hoped, the hamstring is much improved already. Some weird tightness down at the bottom now, but I assume that's just how the repairing should feel. The sharpness coming out of a squat is dull today. WHEW! Shoulder is fairly happy, at the point that it only hurts when crunched in. Feet aching a little from yesterday's many sprints in Xero shoes. I think I ran about 20 yards today, just completely spent on energy. Didn't even want to think about how hard lifting would feel with such rotten energy levels. Since I'm running with my trail besties in the morning, I decided another complete rest day was smartest. Maybe I'll have some strength for pulls tomorrow afternoon at least.

Fun & Play: Race day again. Somehow this one is more relaxed than Friday's, maybe because of the extended downtime during the race, and the setup leftover from yesterday. Hubs was a huge huge help, turned into a replacement for the THREE missing volunteers who were supposed to be bikers. (Jerkfaces.) Thankful for the many helpful volunteers who DID come help make this a big fat success! Had super fun times cheering for runners & celebrating them all with so many of my beloveds, but OMG, I was as tired as an exhausted toddler by 10am. Crashed at home and resumed feeling personable after my nap. Knocked out the bills and had some snuggly kitteh time. FB fun. Wedding visit, got to chat with hubs' bosses who I like very much.

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