Saturday, June 20

Nutrition: Acne is acting up. Probably the GF English muffins. 
  • Larabars: 2
  • chews during run
  • smoked almonds

Sleep: 9.25 (!) hours in bed, 815p-530a, 95% quality. Woke 3-330a again, but not enough to get up. And thanks to the rain outside, Hanky didn't want out at 430a! NICE. Napped about 215-345p, not too solid, but good enough.

Healthy Movement: Body was feeling good when I got up. Logged a nice pace on the walk to run outing on the actual course. Then learned DQ was willing to hit the trails with me: YES! We did a big lap at LCSP, as I needed to land back at the car to get my precious smoked almonds delivery. During the lengthy almost-30-minute wait, I tried to convince myself it would be okay to stop there, and also tried to pump myself up to go back out. I ended up going back out, buoyed by DQ being willing to log more miles with me. YES! Without him, I might not have gone back out, or have settled for walking only, or just gave up at some point out there. I slowed down, and got sore & tired, but I did it! 2 chews every 30 minutes worked well, but I spaced on salt tabs, only taking one at the car. Should probably be every hour, not every 1.5 hours. Impressed myself with the ability to get so many miles in without completely trashing myself: 18.16 miles in 3 hours (4 hours elapsed time) is a crapton for this girl at this point in time. Feeling better about Tahoe pacing duties!

Post-run I felt pretty decent and considered not napping; took a shower & ate a pizza & got in my write-up, and then the nap began sounding appealing. Afterward, things hurt about as expected: hips/deep glutes were the worst of it, everything else just mildly aching.

Fun & Play: W2R. Trails. With DQ. Almonds! Nap. Ran into my BB in the grocery store, post-run. So happy to see her and welcome her back home, even if only for a 2-minute convo (during which I wondered how awful I smelled and should I back away a little). Hubs time. Fetch. 

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