Monday, June 8

  • Larabars: 3
  • Rice crackers

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 61% quality. Awake 215-245a or so; got up for bathroom, water, half a Larabar. Overheating, and couldn't get comfortable on left shoulder anger. Alarm had to wake me.

Healthy Movement: Body feels better, though shoulder seems worse (what, from sleeping? SO DELICATE). Ran uphills at lunch, felt better than I expected. If I'd had another set of clothes, I think I would've added downhill after TT; it may be better that I didn't, but it's something to consider dong once the W2R mileage ends.

Fun & Play: Took my class outside this morning, and it was gorgeous! Working in yoga pants. Great progress with teaching one aspect of my TS job. Team Training. Fetch. Productive evening at home. 

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