Monday, June 22

  • Larabars:2
  • smoked almonds

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 86% quality. Felt like I woke often after about 3a or so. Once again, the morning rain meant Hank slept in, woo hoo!

Healthy Movement: Body feels decent; tight left heel cord, left shoulder a bit crank, but fair. Even managed a few banded SA chins during class. Hit hills at lunch, and they didn't go as well as hoped: fewer repeats than I wanted, but speed was nice. Visited James again (next up is Friday), and he gave me an amazing compliment, which was that part of my problem is my muscles are too big, causing everything to get compressed up in dere. YES! GODDAMN, I say! But also: shit, that sucks. He says the solution is stretching, but it's a tough spot to target well. And I immediately wanted to know why this doesn't happen to everyone, because I'm not THAT huge, and the answer is, as always: I'm a delicate fucking flower. Muthafuck.

Fun & Play: Class. Left a gift for my BB and tracked down MB while I was up there, and then my BB arrived as well! Such happy little chitchat. BK break time, including Aaron (so: silliness). LAE logistics, finally getting my last-minute volunteers rolling in. (UGH, damn procrastinators!) T&S talk with Mike, and working on Monica. Team Training, which included a visit from Charlie Bou, cutest damn puppy EVAH (with apologies to The Mitz). Fetch. Hubs time.

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