Monday, June 15

  • Larabars: 4 (crap!)

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 830p-5a, 70% quality. Woke when the hubs came home at 230a (!) and dozed in/out for about an hour before falling back.

Healthy Movement: Shoulder has improved to where I can roll off it without flinching, when sleeping. But still there, most definitely; annoyed at random times like standing at my freaking desk. Body felt a little tired in the class warm-up, like no endurance in the legs. Was interested in a lunch run so I hit the disc golf course - and saw a gorgeous doe lounging in the tall grass: lovely!

Appointment with James, got in TODAY, holy crap! He said I've irritated the scalenes (overuse) and gave me stretches, did some traction, and the only changes I need to make are to stop the pull-ups as soon as I "turkey-neck" them, go with perfect form only. And come back a few more times and I'm probably good to go.

Fun & Play: NOT going in for jury duty. Fun coworkers. James, with a solution that didn't mean "stop pulling" THANK YOU SIR. Team Training. Fetch. Hubs finally home.

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