Friday, June 12

Nutrition: I adore sharing treats with my beloveds. Brought these coconut bites to my NSS peeps today, a universal hit...and one ingredient!
  • Larabars: 2
  • bit of the sugary crunch
  • second breakfast at Trav's

Sleep: 8.75 (!) hours in bed, 815p-5a, 76% quality. In super early, thinking I'd wake up feeling brand new. Instead, the dogs barked (at coyotes, presumably) me awake at 1030p, and I had to let them out. I was nearly in tears screaming for Hank to come back in after 5 minutes, as I was so. fucking. tired. Hubs came home at 130a. Cortisol woke me at 330a, but I managed to fall back. Hankprance woke me at 445a, rather insistently. Jerk.

Healthy Movement: Rest day. No interest in running when I got up, despite a perfectly cool beautimonious amazing morning. But I was barely interested in living, so very tired & frustrated. Shoulder still quite painful; I tried sleeping on my back (couldn't) because rolling over from the left side hurt like such a MOFO. Talked a tiny bit with Dustin today and he suggested trying a different deadlift set up...but I just want to avoid deadlifting for a week and see if that helps. If so, then let's worry about fucking with which kind of deadlift I can do. Then again, changing up deadlifts wouldn't be the worst thing for my brain. But mostly, I need to get into James. If I've got a strained trap that can't heal because I keep aggravating it, or something along those lines, then I've just got to know that and make the right changes. I promised Dustin I'll go next week if I don't have jury duty, otherwise we are still 1.5 weeks away from a visit, ugh. Stood all day at NSS, laid a decent time in the hammock, then sat at my own 'puter.

Fun & Play: Caribou + NSS made the day pretty good, despite the lousy start. BUSY at NSS made it rather insane, but I shall have to get used to that being the norm, and may learn to fully treasure the silent Friday afternoons! Had a nice lunch with Holea at Trav's. A sweet text from my BB in Ecuador, who is fully enjoying her so-very-well-deserved perfect family vacation. Some FB silliness. Fetch outside WHILE HAMMOCKING: a major life win! Soaked up some serious sunshine. Checked something off my weekend to-do list (bills, my favorite) already and feel ambitious for a productive home-related-things weekend without the hubs around.

Socialization: Still feeling a little lonely. Wishing I had weekend plans with someone, but yet, not really. I don't want to stay out past 8p, and I don't want to put on any more "public face" after tomorrow morning's extravaganza. I'm tired of hearing people complain, and I'm tired of meaningless conversations about trivial concerns, and I'm tired of people who talk only to hear themselves speaking. I don't even have much of this in my life, but I'm SO immensely impatient with it right now. I am in need of serious decompression from the public, though I couldn't say why it's hitting me like this. What I am desperately craving is a trail run with my beloveds, where we talk about all the stuff of importance, and ignore the stuff of zero importance, and so often we simply not-talk at all, and just FEEL the stuff of importance instead. But I shall only have a trail run with myself, which isn't nearly as delightful.

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