Wednesday, May 27

Nutrition: My acne is still awful, but there aren't any new cysts appearing. I really just want it to clear up so I stop hating my face; I'll probably have some chews again tomorrow & Saturday due to the running, and will gauge a response to those before I work on testing the bacon ends & pieces. (MAN, I hope it's not the bacon ends & pieces!)
  • LB count: 2
  • pork jerky

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 67% quality. Woke at 1145p, weirdly, then again an hour later with crampy guts. Couldn't tell what was up there, but I got up for the bathroom, water, a Larabar, and ibuprofen. Woke again at 230a with more cramps; they went away when I flipped over to lay on my right side. Completely normal by the time I got up. For reals: WTF?

Healthy Movement: Tight lower legs thanks to the fast running in Vibrams, and slight upper-back tightness, but the shoulder is feeling pretty good, and there's absolutely NOTHING in the hip! However: holy baby hey zeus, are my glutes & legs ever S.O.R.E. Sprinted with Holea after Team Training, and it actually felt great to do. Stopped at 6 for her, but I happily would have done 10, even in the heat.

Fun & Play: A minute of glorious cool spring morning, walking outside with my scaredy-cat dog, and seeing deer bounding away from the woodpile. Bliss! Fun class. Silly coworkers. Team Training coaching fun. Holea time. Hubs time.

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