Wednesday, May 20

Nutrition: Improved a touch, in that I actually had some veggies for the first time in DAYS. Still, much room for improvement, and I'm missing my pre-made meals a LOT.
  • 2 Larabars
  • Kind Strong bar
  • ProBar chews (before sprints)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 96% quality. Solid, and enough for one night, but not quite getting me caught up.

Healthy Movement: Body feels surprisingly good, even right out of bed. Class warm-up was easy-peasy. SA chin work was HARD again. Left shoulder and elbow tolerated it okay. Holea couldn't sprint, so I decided to do hills after Team Training, but then I didn't have my Garmin (no data?!) so I went home and sprinted across the yard while playing fetch with the dogs (and I haz data!). It was quite fun, and the pooches were delighted.

Fun & Play: Class. Bonus BB chitchat! Had my CPR training take just 2.5 hours, instead of 5.5 - yee haw! This meant I was able to join the team lunch, which was running late on grill time, thus prefaced by sunshine time on the patio chitchatting. Brief dose of BK/AS chitchat. Silly ROUSer texts. A big hairy work task finished. Team Training. Pooch time. Clyde in my lap time. Feeling normal again.

Stress Management: Better able to cope today. Learned of another coworker leaving (not on my team, but supports my team on some very key issues) and I feel SO GRATEFUL that this won't affect me personally. But still: I feel awful for those remaining.

Temperance: I totally stressed out about Team Training for much of the day. Turns out: it was super fucking awesome, and just the kind of thing I'm in love with, actually. It's people who know how to do things with good form, so I really only need to show them what they are doing with a few pointers here & there, give a little encouragement & enthusiasm, be silly & chatty, and make it FUN!

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