Wednesday, May 13

  • 5a-eggs, chicken sausage, Slawsa, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 930-hot cereal w/ Renola, coffee w/ CM
  • 1245p-tuna w/ mustard & rice crackers, apple, Larabar
  • 3-LB
  • 6-hot dogs, Slawsa, raw veg w/ guac, guacamole deviled eggs, ham & pickle roll-ups, chia bootch

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 67% quality. Weird, I would have called it 90% or so. Don't remember waking other than at 445a. Although, at that point I rolled over and snuggled back in, thinking it was maybe 330a, and wasn't exactly delighted to hear the phone buzz.

Healthy Movement: Lower body a bit achey getting up, good with movement. Left shoulder felt better, until I did SA chin work in class - and then the left elbow also got in on the complaining. I would say this is my holyshit pull-up numbers finally coming back to bite me right in the tendons. If it's not calming down after another weekend of no pulls, then I'll HAVE to go see James next week. Had a rest day off running, due to NSS picnic & a bit of sheer laziness.

Fun & Play: Quiet pooches. A stupidly-long, mostly-useless, morning meeting canceled, hooray! Break with BK. 50k chitchat with all the TROUSers. Making SHT running plans with other volunteers, which is a delight; thought I wouldn't be able to get any running in while crewing up there. Time showing my Timmy a task. Kind of a total fuck-off at work today, frankly. I didn't want to do my work at ALL.

NSS picnic time was SUPER fun, everyone just hanging & chilling, watching dogs & kids play. The weather wasn't awesome so we all hung out in the garage, but the temps were nice, no bugs, so the door into the house could just stay wide open, which made it less "we're stuck in the garage, bleah." Dogs got in a lot of fetch & chase, kids got in a lot of hide & seek, Lila enjoyed the mud puddles, and both Lila & Jennah's sister played on my rings.

Stress Management: I'm going to help with team training; CJ was uber-excited about having me help. this requires completely revamping my running schedule, either to lunch runs Mon/Wed, or trail runs after W2R the same nights as my NSS lifting; but it WILL be worth it. Right?

Random: Today I read that someone got a 2-hour massage, and my gut reaction was "Ugh, gross, that sounds awful." Because I don't want to be touched that long. No thank you, back the fuck away, and take your grabby little hands with you.

What's wrong with me? I like hugging my various beloveds, so it's not that I'm anti-touch, it's just, I don't know, don't be groping me, yo. The idea gives me the very same visceral reaction as the idea of wearing a turtleneck: "GET OFFA ME RANOW."

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