Tuesday, May 26

Nutrition: Acne still awful, but nothing new. Hm.
  • LB count: 2
  • Renola
  • Chews pre- & post-run

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 71% quality. I remember waking at 330a, but otherwise it felt solid, and I woke naturally.

Healthy Movement: Body feels quite good! Hip & shoulder both pretty happy. Hip especially a surprise after the miles yesterday - feeling nothing whatsoever is amazeballs!

Had a massive "ah ha" this morning when I looked at my MTD miles ran, and it's nearly double last month, with a week to go yet. If I do the planned miles, I'll be at double (or more) miles over "pick any month since December," AND it would be my second-highest month of miles ever. And not even by training for some long-ass brutal race - just running with my beloveds. Bonus: I'm not anywhere near injured, and I love running. Now THAT is the way to kick off the summer running season!

Session was weird; squats great, bench falling apart. What the with the who now? Logged enough extra pulls in class (mostly dead-hang, only a couple SA drills) to surpass 600,000 lbs of pulls YTD.

Walk to run was fun, with bonus ROUS helper Greg filling in for Brett, and Aaron joining me at the front. Logged the hard/fast follow-up run with Aaron, and we killed it! Feel certain I'd have been slower without him.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in (kinda). Session, which included bonus Jeremy who is getting looser & smartass-er-er with us - which makes it extra fun! Aaron at class and easily talked into joining the run fun. Chitchat with Holea & The Mitz in the park after running. Hubs time. Silly sweet scared (of guns, hubs had it out to shoot nuisance critters) Hanky lovebug; he's so cuddly when he's being a scaredy-cat, poor bebe.

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