Thursday, May 7

  • 6a-eggs, beef hot dog, side pork, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 815-Larabar
  • 945-hot cereal w/ Renola, coffee w/ CM
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 130-roast beef, butternut squash, Larabar
  • 4-apple, LB
  • (530-W2R)
  • 630-peas & carrots w/ Slawsa, roast beef, SB&J toast

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 77% quality. Woke at 315a, but fell back easily.

Healthy Movement: The hip pain is back in a rather sneaky way: I feel it when I roll over in bed, and promptly forget about it after I wake up. Otherwise, I really don't feel it anymore. But it's a sharp pain then - enough to worry about, or no? Had a FUCK YEAH session. Left shoulder quite a bit crank afterward, and that's the side of the barbell stayed down on my failed lift, so maybe it is getting pulled out of it's proper pocket? and flaring up on those? ...interesting...will have to talk it through with Dustin. Got really tired and crank throughout the afternoon, wanted to sit, wanted to eat everything, kinda wanted to cry over little things, that's how exhausted I got, and just that quickly. Evening outing with the W2R peeps was again a blast. I love it. I need to get smarter about sharing newbie info like how to dress, though, not just get carried away in the movement. I'll get better!

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Opening the patio door to let in the sounds of a freshly-washed morning full of happy birds and frogs. Break time w/ BK. Kickass badass session. NOT being questioned on my work, hooray! Walk to run. Hubs time.

At the W2R outing, BP mentioned to another runner that it would be crazy to set a goal of BQ-ing in your first marathon, and I said, "I did!" - and she said, "Yeah, but you're Sabrina!" It's still such a surprise for me to hear those kinds of insinuations, because there is nothing inherently badass about me. Every great thing I've ever accomplished is merely a result of doing the things I like with passion & consistency. It's simple math!

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