Thursday, May 28

  • 2 Larabars
  • Few chews before W2R

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 86% quality. Had another midnight wakeup of Lexi barking her head off at deer in the backyard: so annoying. Woke naturally, but sooper dooper cranky that it's only Thursday.

Healthy Movement: Achingly-tight lower legs as I got up, but better as I moved - yet still a pretty sore lower body. But in a good way: all muscle, no unhappy joints. Even the hip is saying NOTHING at all. YEAH BABY! Fabulosity in my session: hit another ring pull-up PR, had deadlifts feel light: happy girl! Slight backslide in shoulder post-session...I'm seriously thinking it's the deadlifts! I shoudl add some carries ton Sunday's workout and see what happens. Walk to run was roasty toasty and I let the heat talk me out of a hard version. But I need to face some heat to be ready for Tahoe as well; I truly regret not doing it, it wasn't THAT hot, there was a lovely breeze.

Fun & Play: Standing outside at sunrise, listening to the birds & frogs greet the day. Break time with BK to talk running talk. Fun time starting to teaching a new coworker a crappy process - she asked REALLY smart questions! Great session, after which I signed some NSS new-employee paperwork, eeeeee! Walk to run group hit double-digits and ROCKED the heat! Standing around talking with some besties afterward. An appointment to CHOP MY CURLS made - for tomorrow, eeeeeee! Hubs time. A delightful cool breeze through the house.

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